Antonym Cosmetics launched at Sephora!

I am thrilled to share the news that Antonym launched on!

Antonym Cosmetics was founded in 2010 by Miami makeup artist Valerie (Val) Giraud who sought to create a line of makeup and makeup brushes that were cruelty free and gentle on the skin. According to Val, natural makeup doesn’t have to mean a natural look. This is why Antonym is both certified natural and organic and highly pigmented.
As a certified organic and natural brand of makeup, Antonym choses sustainable materials for the packaging and their brushes, using bamboo. After several years of product development, the makeup line was launched in 2013 at an industry event in Los Angeles. Since then, Antonym has had a wonderful reception.

Your skin deserves natural ingredients, it just shouldn’t be at the expense of achieving the look you love. Until now choosing natural makeup meant tolerating poor performance. Gentle ingredients equaled weak pigmentation and color payoff. There was a gap between the function and the formulation. Antonym was created to bridge that gap; a makeup line that offers professional level performance without compromising the integrity of the ingredients.


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The following products are all available now on

Organic Baked Blush in Peach
Organic Baked Blush in Rose
Organic Baked Blush in Copper
Organic Highlighter Endless Summer
Organic Cheek Crush Highlighting Blush
Organic Baked Foundation in Fair
Organic Baked Foundation in Light
Organic Baked Foundation in Medium/Beige
Organic Baked Foundation in Nude
Organic Baked Foundation in Medium/Dark
Organic Baked Foundation in Dark
Certified Organic Quattro Eyeshadow Croisette
Certified Organic Quattro Eyeshadow Noisette
Certified Organic Quattro Eyeshadow To the Moon and Black
Certified Natural Eye Pencil Noir
Certified Organic Mascara Lola Lash Too


Then at a later date in August, the following product launched in select Sephora stores

Organic Baked Blush in Peach
Organic Baked Blush in Rose
Organic Baked Blush in Copper
Organic Highlighter Endless Summer
Organic Cheek Crush Highlighting Blush



Certified Organic Quattro Eyeshadow To The Moon & Black

Intensity blends with luminosity in Antonym Eye Shadow. The long lasting, smooth formula is created with light accentuating pigments that enhance colors by providing added depth. The pigments are characterized by intensity, radiance and a silky texture, which ensure ultimate and supreme color performance.

Rich in color, Antonym Eye Shadow has a velvety finish. Easy to apply, the versatile formula blends evenly and can be applied for shading, highlighting and lining the eye. Ideal for the most sensitive skin. Quattro palettes brighten eyes with shade combinations of providing intensity and contrast. Festive for evening and radiant for day.



Certified Natural Eye Pencil Noir & Brown

This certified natural water resistant eye pencil has a soft and smooth application and a rich color pay-off. The formula was created to provide a long lasting, waterproof coverage guaranteed to help you achieve your desired look. You can use the eye pencil to create a precise line on the upper eyelid to a perfect smudge for the a sultry, smoky eye.

Made with ingredients that are of 100% natural origin, the pencil is free of preservatives and dermatologically approved, safe to use in the rim of the eye. Moisturizing ingredients and natural anti-oxidants of marula oil, jojoba oil, candelilla and carnauba are excellent for sensitive skin.

The eye pencil includes a detachable, precision-made sharpener.



Certified Organic Mascara Lola Lash TOO

Antonym Lola Lash Too adds volume and length to the lashes while remaining creamy and soft. The advanced formula is based on emollient, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as Shea butter and vitamin E. Beeswax and Carnauba build volume while sweet almond oil promotes lash growth. A new wand design separates lashes with precision for a dramatic look.

Using high quality organic ingredients, our Certified Organic Mascara helps protect eyelashes and keep them healthy while preventing clumping. The gentle ingredients in our formula are ideal for sensitive eyes and skin and easy to remove with water.




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