Babor Active night fluid review



Active night fluid is an active concentrate in an ampoule form to boost cell metabolism during the deep-sleep phase.

Powerful active ingredients in black algae, black willow (salix nigra) extract and black truffle activate cell metabolism, especially during the regeneration phase. They increase cell energy levels, combat damage caused by daily environmental aggressors and counteract the signs of skin aging.

I recently got the opportunity to try newest Babor release and I was so excited about it. I haven’t seen Babor in a while but I remember while living in Europe they were very popular especially in salon surroundings and my mom used to use their products.

BABOR is Germany’s number one professional luxury skin care brand and they were the first company to develop highly active ingredients sealed in glass ampoules.

They now offer a variety of ampoules to cover all types of skin concerns:

Moist & Lipid: Moisturises and builds up the skin’s barriers
Anti-Ageing: Supports elasticity and radiance, and reduces wrinkles
Pure: Helps to combat blemished skin
Sensitive: Calms sensitive skin

The unique Babour ampoules concentrates are true masterpieces, tailored to individual needs. A mere of 2ml (more than enough to apply on your face, neck and decolletage) of these high-dose active complexes delivers visible results, in a matter of seconds. Inspired by medicine, Babor revolutionized the world of beauty more than 50 years ago with its glass ampoules.




I love using serums and night treatments and I couldn’t wait to see what Babor has to offer.  Texture of Active night fluid is lightweight almost feels like water and it easily absorbs. I applied it after cleansing and toning gently patting it onto the skin. 2 ml is so generous that you can have enough for your face, neck , decolletage and still have some left to re-apply on your face. It absorbs instantly and you can follow with your night cream. I have tried using only Active night fluid for 7  nights in a row and I would wake up with hydrated, plumped, glowy skin that looked and felt smoother. For someone with really dry skin I do recommend using night cream afterwards since this wouldn’t give enough hydration but for all other skin types (and if you do not live in harsh climate like me) you can use only these and you will truly see amazing results in just couple of days. I am very impressed with how intensive this treatment is and how it delivers what it promises. I am curious to try more from this line if products are as effective as Active night fluid ampoules.

7 day course has 7 ampoules each 2ml and retails for 39.95$ and you can buy it directly from the BABOR website .





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