Biotherm Oil Therapy Huile de gommage review

This exfoliating oil with melting sugar crystals refines and smoothes skin texture. Leaves a silky and protecting veil on the skin.
Dry skin regains all of its qualities: softness, firmness and smoothness. Leaves a silky veil on the skin.
An exfoliating oil with melting sugar crystals refines and smoothes skin texture.

I have been wanting to try something from Biotherm for a while. Before they were totally out of my price range. When I moved to US I realized they are not available at any retailer except online on their website. Not good if you want to try the product first before buying. I do not like experimenting with face skincare products so I decided to get one of the body products from their line. I love exfoliators and I am always willing to try a new one. Plus I had 15% off coupon so I ended paying around 22$ for this plus I got couple of very nice samples and free shipping.

Biotherm Oil therapy huile de gommage got my attention with two things – first is -I always consider it as a rescue for my dry skin and the second is apricot scent – yummy love it!

It does really have pretty authentic apricot scent, not too strong and it stays nicely on skin. It’s not that fake plasticky scent like The body shop fruit line. When it comes to oil in it – honestly I do not feel it at all. I am very surprised since product feels and looks more like thick gel. Exfoliating particles are small but very powerful. They do decent exfoliation without drying out skin or being too rough on it. When the product is rinsed out there is absolutely no residue. Good for someone who does not like exfoliators that leave “oily” residue. I do like that and that’s why I did not like after feel with this one. This could be such a nice summer body scrub, since the scent, lightweight feel, good exfoliation and no residue work better for me during summer months when I do not need as much hydration. Or possibly for someone who does not have dry skin ever. Skin was soft and feeling smooth though I have to admit. Particles are rough enough for legs to help with the ingrown hair or for the knees or elbows.

I had high expectations from this one but I can only say it’s OK. For the price you get decent size, nice scent, good exfoliation but that’s it… you can get that with 5$ scrub too. I will not repurchase it. I like defoliators that feel luxurious, rich and pampering while using it and after.

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