Bobbi Brown conditioning brush cleanser review

Specifically designed to remove makeup and residue safely without damaging brushes. Take special care of your Bobbi Brown Brushes by cleaning regularly for longer lasting life.

I have been using MAC brush cleanser for past couple of years and I ran out recently and somehow I got Bobbi Brown instead. I was curious to try it, plus they had nice GWP – two mini lipglosses and mini mascara with of course free shipping.

I am really not big on Bobbi Brown. Most of their products don’t really attract me plus their prices are close or same as Chanel and if I have to pick between the two obviously I will go with Chanel.
I just recently bought couple of their products for the first time and I have not used the brand before. What I have been reading lately from other beauty bloggers who have a lot of experience with BB and been using it for years is that things are going south for this brand – quality is lower and lower. But honestly I do not have anything from before to compare it with.

Back to the topic of this post. Brush cleansing is a must if you use brushes to apply your  makeup.

Bobbi Brown conditioning brush cleanser comes in a black tube with a flip top cap. 
It has 3.4 oz or 100ml of product which really is not a lot. BB is notorious for tiny amounts of product. This kind of a thing is a really turn off for me. Since I debated between this one and MAC I looked at the price – BB is 1$ more than MAC, but silly me somehow I overlooked the amount of the product. Bobbi 100ml MAC 235ml  – that pretty much says it all. 
Simply said this has liquid soap or shampoo kind of consistency. It foams up nicely and cleans brushes decently but is definitely having hard time cleaning brushes that I use with liquid foundations – especially long wearing ones. Those ones I have to wash couple of times and leave them soaked with cleanser for a little bit.

How I wash my brushes:

  • damp the brush with lukewarm water (not the handle)
  • put a little bit of a cleanser in a palm of my hand 
  • dip the brush in the cleanser and either swirl (which I do not like doing because I am scared that I will ruin the shape of the brush or brake the hair) or gently move brush away from and towards you 
  • if it does not foam up enough I like to add just a little bit more water (in photos below you will see how it looks when I just start cleaning the brush, not a lot of foam and in the second photo you can see what happens when I add more water, nice and foamy)
  • rinse out and lay brush flat down 
I did not really feel that this cleanser has any conditioning properties. Bristles were not softer than usually. They actually felt slightly dried out which does not surprise me since the formula contains peppermint. Why in  the world?? Is that ingredient you put just for a nice smell? Then again don’t forget you use this on you eye brushes too – I am trying to imagine eye reaction after some peppermint was left on the brush.

I will not buy it again. It’s ok, decent brush cleanser but when I compare price and the amount of the product with my favorite, i will clearly go with MAC. 

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