Bobbi Brown Sandstone Shimmer brick

What is it:
This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a soft natural-looking glow.

Who is it for:
Works well with pink, neutral and peach blush shades — perfect for the woman who wants a hint of shimmer with her cheek color.

Why is it different:
Handmade in Italy, this compact features superfine pigments that reflect radiance and light. 

Sandstone shimmer brick is limited edition item for fall 2014. It gives nice bronze glow and for me works best over matte bronzer. I also loved it paired with MAC warm soul blush.

BB is really famous for her shimmer bricks but I am still to be wowed by them. Yes they are pretty, yes they are OK but that’s it… there is that wow factor missing with all of her products (except the gel eyeliner from the holiday 2014 collection which is a true gem).

All shimmer bricks I have tried require some work with blending and buffing it in nicely to get that nice natural glow instead of large chunks of glitter on your face. When you swatch it with fingers it really seems soft and finely milled but when applied not so much. I am still experimenting with the brushes and trying to figure out what works the best.

With the smaller brush I am also able to pick only one color for example the lightest one on the top just for the highlight on top of cheekbones ,inner corner of the eyes, brow bone… I used Sandstone on my eyes too for simple look with just a touch of color.

Shimmer bricks are actually way more pigmented than you would expect from the highlighter and I always have to be careful not to put too much. It is recommended to be used with BB blender brush which is kind of surprise for me – it is short and very dense brush that picks up a lot of product. I would expect using something like Fan brush that picks up less and it’s easier to build the color. Anyway I am trying to use this one and make it work…though it is good for buffing.

Honestly I hate the packaging. Way to bulky. Compact is large and has these sharp corners and plastic feels cheep. Another thing is that you might notice is that Shimmer bricks often come crooked in the pan – like they are not glued evenly or they have chipped corners.

Tip from Bobbi Brown:

Sweep the Face Blender Brush (sold separately) through all five shades of the Shimmer Brick Compact and dust lightly on cheekbones after Blush. Focus on applying shimmer on the top of cheekbones — where light naturally hits the face — for the most flattering look.

Each individual shade (stripe)
All shades blended together

Shimmer bricks retail for 45$ + tax that comes to almost 50$ . I purchased mine at .
Is it a must? No. Especially if you have something similar because I feel it’s very dupable. 

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