Chanel Accent (84) Joues Contraste Powder Blush – Holiday 2013

Chanel Joues Contraste Accent is newest addition to their line as a limited edition for Holiday 2013 collection. I remember when the first info leaked online there was a rumor this will be beige version of last year’s Stardust. It really has nothing in common. Stardust is super sheer with big shimmer. Accent is more of a beige brown with strong mauve undertone. Texture is beautiful, soft as a silk and shimmer is so fine. On me it pulls slightly more towards brown and seems warmer. You can see it in the photos I took outside in direct sunlight. It is pretty different than anything Chanel has offered until now. It has more shimmer than their other blushes and color is so complex.

 I can see it depending on your complexion pulling more warm or more mauve. It is on a sheer side but buildable. I love it’s sheerness because you can wear it so subtle to give some color to your cheeks with darker eyes or bold lip. I am not surprised this sold out super fast. I wish Chanel would keep it in their permanent range since it’s so unique. Glow it gives is so natural.

If you got your hands on it good for you. If you didn’t too bad since it’s sold out everywhere and you really missed out on a beautiful piece. Great addition to anyone’s makeup collection if your have fair, light or medium complexion. Wearable year round, office friendly, fool proof.

I have to apologize in advance for such a picture heavy post, I went a little crazy with my camera 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post.

Outdoors direct sunlight. Right heavy swatch, left blended
Photo taken outside while it was -38 c
Direct sunlight
Comparison with MAC Warm Soul
Even though they appear similar in the pan they are quite different on the skin. Warm Soul is much warmer and shimmer is more golden, while Accent looks more mauve on the skin.

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