Chanel Joues contraste blush – 340 Evening beige

Chanel has been making some amazing blushes in the past 2 years and Evening beige is no exception. I randomly saw it pop up on and ordered it right away. Stock photo are always a bit off but the name itself “Evening beige” seemed promising. In the stock photo it seemed more neutral beige/brown while in reality it is medium copper with golden shimmer. It is beautiful anyway. I think this will look the best on medium warm skin tones. Since I am so pale I will have to apply with the light hand.

Texture is one of the best ones I have tried from Chanel – extremely pigmented and silky. When blended (sheer out) doesn’t seem so scary orange as it appears in my first swatch photo (below) where it was swatched heavily although I only once swiped my finger across the blush.

When I opened it it instantly reminded me of last years fall release – Alezane  (reviewed here ) and you have to agree in the pan it looks like dead on dupe! But when I swatched them side by side Alezane looks less coppery and much less pigmented.
Some asked about comparison to Golden sun (or even Jersey) but these are a lot  different -both of them are lighter, not so warm as Evening beige and if I may say more wearable especially on the lighter skin tones (even the cool and neutral ones).
Evening beige will be so perfect for upcoming fall.

Chanel blushes retail for 46$ and I purchased mine directly from

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