Chanel Joues contraste 260 Alezane Fall 2015


Discover a rich tapestry of shades inspired by beautiful Fall foliage. Earthy neutrals dress eyes in natural splendor, while copper tones and deep reds blaze on the lips. An ideal complement to autumnal colour, a new manicure range helps prep and perfect any nail look.

Fall collections are most of the time my favorite and having Chanel release new shade in their Joues contraste range is the best part of it. Most of the time I can’t say no to Chanel blush and Alezane is right up my alley when it comes to it’s color – it is rich warm toned brown with slight pink in it and gold shimmer. It is very complex color but the only thing that’s sure is that is very warm toned. It is so perfect for fall but if you like these kind of colors you can wear it year around.
Texture is super soft silky and applies and blends like a dream. Gold shimmer is pretty obvious but once applied you can buff it out with a brush so it doesn’t transfer as much on the skin.
Chanel has amazing consistency when it comes to Joues cotntraste Рthey are always equally good. Alezane can work on variety of skin tones from light to medium and even on darker skin it can nicely warm it up.  For now this is my only pick from their Fall 2015 collection. Nothing else really caught my eye.

Most of you are wondering how similar is it to Accent and Jersey so I made comparison with those two plus the Rose bronze who is also bronzey with some pink tones to it. Scroll down for comparison swatches. Jersey is lighter and peachier, Accent is much more mauve and neutral toned, while Rose bronze has much more obvious pink tone in it.

Overall: Alezane is beautiful addition to my Chanel blush collection and is a must have if you like warm toned blushes. Color is not particularly unique but it is beautiful and has wonderful texture. I purchased mine at Nordstrom for 45$

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