Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush 02 Rose Bronze

Chanel Joues Contraste blushes are one of my favorites. They are the best when it comes to most natural finish on skin – it almost glows within. Not big shimmer, sparkle, glitter just beautiful glow. Also they have range of most wearable shades, perfect for lighter skin tones. I can’t say that they really have colors for darker skin tones but they might do that eventually and expend the color range since they expanded (slightly) their foundation range.
Rose bronze is my latest purchase, and was discovered accidentally. I have been lemming this shade for a long time since I saw it at Cafe makeup.

But it was discontinued everywhere and even in Macys where I managed to see the tester (I don’t even remember if I swatched it) they did not have a product any more. They pulled the tester out of the drawer just to show it to me. I managed to still find it at Nordstrom.
Color is pure perfection – peachy bronze with strong pink undertone and warm iridescent sheen. I could not make better shade for myself even if I tried. It was hard to capture in photos how nice it is. It is pretty light, both in color and in pigmentation. I tried swatching it the other day and it ended up being complete failure. I had to do at least 3-4 swipes with my finger to get any color to show up plus more that I put on it looked more gritty, with these little chunks of bother just sliding off skin. Texture was so dry. Just terrible. I was so disappointed in this blush, I’ve never had this happen with any of the Chanel blushes  I own.

I tried giving it another shot and actually wearing it to see how it looks when applied properly on skin. It is very sheer and I had to build color big time. I used MAC 168 brush that picks up a lot of product and still struggled to get any color to show on my super pale ghostly white skin. This easily tells you that this blush might work only for very light skin tones. On skin it looks more pink than in the pan. I think the reason for that is that it has high metallic finish. The more you blend it on skin, more of a metallic pink shimmer shows up. If you don’t mind the finish it is actually wearable on light skin. You can’t really overdo it. Ok, so when applied it’s not terrible but I am not sure how I feel about it. Disappointed I am for sure. It looked so promising in the pan. Maybe I just got bad one with dry texture and poor pigment?

Should I keep it or not?

I managed to get couple of rays of sun in a very rainy day to make these swatches. On the right you see very heavy finger swatch. On the left heavy brush swatch – I used brushes that pick up a lot of product. I tried to blend but powder just flies everywhere, does not blend into the skin. This is the best I could do to get the color to show up as accurate as possible.
MAC NC15/20, Chanel B20, Lancome Buff 2w, NARS Deuville

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