Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 370 Elegance


Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush 370 Elegance is the latest addition to my Joues contraste collection – this is one of my favorite blush formulas. 370 Elegance is part of the Chanel Coco code spring/summer 2017 collection. In the US it was released first week of December (kind of early as always). I always get overly excited about the new shades in Joues contraste formula and this one proved worth the excitement – it is the most perfect blush for lighter skin tones with it’s mixture of peach, pink and nude tones. I think it will depend on skin tone if it will pull more peachy or dusty pink. Β When I tried it indoors it pulled more dusty pink with beige tone but when I swatched it outside it definitely looked more peachy and warmer on my skin. Texture is soft, silky pigmented and blends easily. It does have tiny bit of shimmer but Chanel shimmer is always so refined and just gives skin nice glow with being too obvious, or migrating over your face or emphasizing pores. Doesn’t name Elegance fit this blush perfectly?




Some comparison swatches to other Joues contraste blushes L-R : Jersey , Elegance, Golden sun, Orchid rose


Chanel Joues contraste powder blush 370 Elegance retails for 45$ and I purchased mine on



2 thoughts on “Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 370 Elegance

  1. It is gorgeous blush and I sincerely thank you for the swatches and comparison you did at the end. I am more than convinced that I definitely need ‘elegance’ & ‘orchid rose’ 😍😍 have a beautiful & warm Sunday dear. Xx

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