Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara review

  • The high-precision mascara achieves instant volume and intensely lush color in a single stroke. Its innovative formula expands, plumping lashes to their fullest. The exclusive new Snowflakes brush combines long and short bristles to deliver an extreme, eye-opening effect.
Le volume de Chanel is only the second mascara I’ve tried from Chanel. The other one is Inimitable intense which is decent mascara for a natural day look, nothing dramatic. Also I found that Inimitable intense works great over some other mascara as a last coat. Brush is great to get rid of clumps.
Chanel is not really famous for great mascaras. They really needed to step up because there are some great mascaras from other brands in luxury department. Chanel made mascara that is supposed to give voluminous, dramatic look.
I received two of these samples and I love these little ones because I can have enough time to try out mascara before buying it. Mascara is probably the trickiest one to try at the counter/ beauty store. I do not recommend doing it, it’s really not hygienic. You can always try to get sample of foundation, primer, anything liquid with a pump or in a tube, bad mascara you need little one to try at home at least couple of times to see if it works for you or not.
Le volume de Chanel at first did not work for me. Formula is very wet, there is tons of it on the brush and it clumps like crazy. It takes couple of uses for formula to dry out a little bit. I had the same issue with YSL effet faux cils shocking mascara. Brush I am not really crazy about. I do not mind brushes like this one but bristles are way to short.  So I kept trying to make this work for me and it did! I still I am not crazy about formula or the brush but somehow it makes my lashes crazy thick with a lot of volume. Color is extremely deep dark black – love it. Does not smudge both on bottom or top lashes nor it flakes – for me that’s a huge plus. Who likes to see surprise panda eyes? When it comes to removing I had no problem taking it off with Lancome Bifacil. With Bobbi brown eye makeup remover I did struggle to take this off. In the morning I would realize I still have black line around my eyes. So definitely you need good eye makeup remover to take this one off. I really do not have experience with waterproof mascaras to compare it to.
 I curled my eyelashes before application but not after which I usually do. I think it doesn’t way lashes down too much.
I do not think this is mascara for those who want length and separation. Since it clumps (more or less, mostly more) you need nice old mascara brush to go through your lashes and get rid of excess.  Nor it’s a good choice for those who want natural look.
I can’t speak if it’s good for someone with sensitive eyes or contact wearers since my eyes are not sensitive and I’ve never had problem with any mascara (and do not wear contacts).
I think Chanel nailed it with this mascara! It is pricey but it’s close to any other HE mascara (Lancome, YSL, Dior….). I have two of the mini ones which is close (or same) amount that full size has. I am really excited about this one and would gladly buy the full size (if I did not have three other mascaras waiting). But eventually if nothing else better shows up on market I am planning on buying it.  Three best mascaras I’ve tried so far are Lancome Hypnose, YSL Efc shocking and Le volume de Chanel.
Before and after one coat of Le volume de Chanel

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