Chanel Quadra Eye shadow in 39 Raffinement

Chanel Raffinement quad is part of Chanel Spring 2013 collection. As usual I am again so late for the party… When it was released and months after I only saw this quad online with all the pics and swatches avaliable. And decided it’s not for me.  Why? It looked way to warm, with a strong red undertone. Don’t get me wrong, I love warm toned browns but all the swatches out there made me think it has too much red in it and anything reddish makes me look tired with junky-looking eyes. Well I was fooled… 

It is a beautiful neutral-warm toned quad that’s perfect for very quick fool proof makeup. Although I picked it up later than it was released I think fall is actually perfect season for this quad. Three of the four shades have slight shimmer and the darkest brown leans more matte, although you can see some shimmer in it in photos taken with flash. Non of them have glitter. Finish is beautiful satin, with no shimmer fallout. Texture is probably one of the best I’ve seen in Chanel quad range. Extremely pigmented, almost “creamy” feeling, and they blend like a dream. With this quad as with many others out there there is a slight problem of all the shades blending one into another and creating just one big smudged shade all over your eyes. I must say that’s one of my biggest issues with quads or eyeshadow palettes. Colors need to be different enough for this not to happen. Also if I use the quad I do not like to add any other single eyeshadow or shade from another palette. I know companies want to make us buy a palette and than add another must have single eyeshadow to actually get the look you want.

Top left shade is medium brown but in the pan it has strong mauve undertone. It is beautiful shade and maybe my favorite from this palette. It is smooth and very pigmented. It can be worn by itself only all over the lid. 
Top right shade is basic highlight shade that’s pale peachy beige with silver frosted sheen. It has very decent color payoff for such a light shade. I used it in the inner parts of the lid as well as brow hilight.
Bottom left is medium brown with strong warm tones almost with a hint of orange, but very subtle. In the look below I used it all over my lid. 
Bottom right is deep dark chocolate brown that’s also warm toned. It’s not matte although when applied on skin it looks almost matte.  It is very pigmented and you need just to slightly touch it with the brush. Really great color payoff. I used it on the outter corner and slightly into the crease.
When it comes to color combination in this palette you really do not need to use all four shades . I can see top left and right bottom used together, or just two bottom ones. Or for the softest look only two top ones. 
Colors are not unique and if you have neutral palette like Urban Decay Naked probably you do not need this. I am glad I picked it up and I can see myself using it a lot as a quick everyday makeup. Also another lesson learned not to believe all the swatches out there! I needed to see this in person to actually like it. 
Nice palette for warm toned complexions, but I can’t really see this working on cool toned skin.

Chanel Raffinement quad and Lancome Artliner in Noir

With Lorac 3D liquid lustre added on top of the eyeshadows

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