Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing makeup base

  • The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-bathed look. Wear it on its own, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL foundation.

Soleil tan de Chanel bronzing makeup base is probably one of the cult Chanel products. I have no idea why I never bought it before. Probably because I have gazillion other bronzing products plus I am kind of iffy when it comes to cream products.  I always have this impression that cream products are hard to work with. In most cases I am wrong. I wish I tried this gorgeousness before…

It comes in a big rounded jar with a large double C on the top. It just screams luxury! I love Chanel packaging, simple and classy.  First thing that’s impressive is the amount of the product-whooping 1 oz or 30gr! Woohoo this will last a looong time. Price is about the same as any other high end bronzer like Dior or Guerlain (except the 4 season ones that are 75$) , but for 50$ you get three times more of a product. I’ll take that!

It has a nice easy to remove plastic cover to protect the product.

First time I opened it and took a look at the product my first impression was “this look delicious”. Is that weird? 🙂 It looks like a yummy chocolate mousse. I’ve read many reviews and looked at many photos and swatches of this product and since now I tried it and took photos myself I noticed one problem – it looks so crazy orange in the photos but I swear in real it’s not. It’s such a nice warm brown with a hint of golden in it. Don’t be turned off by this, try seeing and swatching it in person.
Pigment is sheer but buildable. I like it’s sheerness since I do not have much experience with cream products. This can’t be overdone. I tried dabbing the brush and applying smaller amount of product just to see how it blends and looks. It gives nice warmth without any shimmer. Blends very easily, no streaking or messing up foundation that I applied before.  I used MAC 188 brush which is not one of my favorites. I still have to figure out what kind of a brush would work best with this product.
Even though it’s called “base” I still used it over my foundation but I can see this easily be used before or even on it’s own just to give skin some sunkissed look, especially during summer when we try to keep makeup layering as light as possible. I use it as any other bronzer in 3 shape but this can be used lighty all over the face too, especially under the foundation.
Texture is like a hard mouse but when applied it feels more like a gel. Does not feel like a thick heavy cream product, does not leave any kind of sticky residue that sometimes happens with cream blushes. It melts into the skin. This is such a universal shade and I can see it working for wide range of skin tones. Light skinned girls can benefit from this product the most – it’s light enough and easy to work with and gives such a nice sunkissed look without a possibility of ending up looking muddy or orangey.

In this close up photo you can see tiny golden shimmer but when transferred on skin it’s not visible.

On the left very heavy applied with MAC 130 brush. On the right lightly applied and blended with the same brush
Soleil tan de chanel is a great investment and I highly recommend it. My only issue would be using it over powder products – probably would not work well. So if you are mostly using powder and not liquid/ cream foundation I do not think you would get best out of this product.

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