China Glaze Halloween 2017 Happily Never After Collection


Forget princesses, prince charming, fairies, and love songs… this year China Glaze is getting wicked. Evil queens, dragons, poison and dark magic is this year’s theme; the 2017 Halloween Nail Polish Collection takes you to a place where fairytale dreams are broken, where villains always win and happily ever after is non-existent.
Welcome to Happily Never After.

The team at China Glaze has been cranking out some amazing collections in 2017 and this one does not disappoint! With 2 luscious cremes, 2 gorgeous pearls, 1 wicked shimmer, and 1 funky topper, the Happily Never After collection delivers on its promise of fairy tales gone wrong that will make your client’s nails look oh-so-right!

Here’s the shade breakdown for this dangerously lovely halloween nail polish collection:

Crown for Whatever — Rich Purple Creme Matte
Do You, Boo! — Chunky Black & Gold Glitter Top
Life’s Grimm — Black Shimmer with Green/Gold undertones
Lookin’ Gore-geous — Deep Red/Purple Creme
Sin-derella — Pink/ Purple Pearl
Queen, Please! — White Pearl with Pink/Purple undertones


I am not really a Halloween person but this collection has couple of really interesting colors and after all I do love dark nails. To start with my favorites – Sin-derella OMG this color is beyond this world. Grey with pink shimmer with great formula, fully opaque in two coats. I could not stop looking at my nails. Beautiful combo of the grey and pink shimmer that is very tiny and refined and it sparkles beautifully. If you have t pick only one color from this collection it should be Sin-derella. Another one that really stood out for me is Life’s Grimm – loved the black with very nicely done green /gold shimmer. Great formula, went on evenly and fully opaque in two coats. I would love to see more of this with different colored shimmer.

I am not into mattes so I topped Crown for whatever with Do You, boo! and it made interesting combo. Do you boo is a bit chunky or I am simply not used to use chunky glitter.  Queen please is gorgeous on it’s own and I had the worst time trying to capture how pretty it is – low maintenance easy to apply quick manicure. So I included photo of it where I used it as a topper over Life’s grimm – it just made golden shimmer to pop more.


Crown for Whatever topped with Do You, Boo


Life’s Grimm topped with Queen, Please!


Lookin’ Gore-geous


Life’s Grimm




China Glaze Halloween 2017 Happily Never After Collection is available now at Ulta and

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