The Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush Is About to Change Your Makeup Game


Introducing the NEW Sonic Foundation brush – the brand’s 1st professional micro-blending makeup brush for better foundation coverage, better foundation blending and better foundation application. The Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush utilizes patented oscillation technology to generate more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute, working to gently buff skin for the smoothest makeup application. The whisper-soft brush head fibers spread and evenly apply liquid makeup for the perfect foundation blending, contouring or strobing effect – in just 60 seconds.
Equipped with specially designed nonporous fibers, the brush head’s minimal formula absorption prevents fiber clumping and wasting of foundation.



You can consider me makeup brush junkie – I love love love investing in a good makeup brush. High quality brush makes a world of difference when it comes to application but also how the product looks like once applied. When it comes to foundation brushes I typically like the ones that are denser and provide more coverage.

Honestly I would never thought that Clarisonic as a skincare authority would create makeup blending brush – but I am so glad they did! I have been using Clarisonic for cleansing for the past 6 years and yes it does make a difference and as once I said “it is life changing”. If you haven’t invested in Clarisonic device until now you should. I have tried Mia, Mia 2 and my latest purchase was Mia fit (LOVE how compact it is).  Sonic foundation brush head fits on all of the devices. So now you can have one device for cleansing and prepping your skin and makeup application for that perfect canvas.

Sonic foundation  brush is created from a blend of soft, wavy, and flexible brush to grip the formula and evenly spread it across the face. The tapered filament narrows at the tip, so you get that feather-like touch which creates an airbrushed effect. The nonporous bristles prevent fiber clumping and reduce foundation waste – I was so surprised once I was done with application that there was barely any product on the brush. I love the fact there is minimum of product wasted plus it makes cleaning super easy – gently wash your brush with water and soap or makeup cleanser and you are good to go.

How to use it – dab couple of drops of your makeup (foundation, concealer, cream blush, contour… ) and start your Clarisonic on the lowest speed and adjust to your application preference. For thicker formulations, use a higher speed. Starting at cheeks, move device gently in circular motions. Blend forehead, moving to the nose and chin area (avoid eye area as always with Clarisonic).

It takes one minute to blend your whole face and let me tell you – you will be BLOWN away once you see how your foundation looks. Airbrushed, imperfections blurred, perfectly even full coverage but at the same time very natural looking. I have tried it with different foundations and different formulas – thinner, thicker, long wearing… doesn’t make a difference it always looked FLAWLESS.

You can find Sonic foundation brush HERE and it retails for 35$. Absolutely worth it. It might seem like a huge investment if you do not own Clarisonic already but you would be investing both in your skincare and your makeup. My first Clarisonic is now 6 years old, used almost daily and still works perfectly. Break down the price for that amount of time and you will see that it actually is very affordable. It is the price of a good face cream that will last couple of months. Clarisonic will last you years and will give you the best skin ever.



While we are at it check out the new Clarisonic Mia 1 & 2  stand. Came across it while browsing Clarisonic website and had to order it right away! What a beautiful and effective design. Finally my Mia will have a nice stand for drying and charging. Retails for 25$ at Clarisonic website .



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