Collistar Silk Effect Maxi Blusher Pesca 14

Light and airy as silk, this blusher illuminates the cheeks with an extremely natural dusting of colour, guaranteeing excellent results. Easy to apply, it adds light to the face while moisturizing and protecting the skin, thanks to its exclusive formula enriched with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and UV-A and UV-B filters. This generous maxi format blusher comes in an elegant opaline and gold case with brush.
Collistar Blush was my first high end blush purchase. Maybe it’s not in the same category as Chanel or Dior but at the time (and even now) I do consider it high end.
Comes in a round plastic white case, with a separate compartment for the large brush which is very convenient. Brush is not completely useless since it’s slightly bigger than the usual size of brushes that come with the blush. It’s pretty dense and picks up a lot of product. 

In daylight:
Color is beautiful peachy with a hint of pink and subtle shine. It does not have shimmer. It does have silverish peachy shine.
Texture is soft as silk- powder is very finely milled. It is maybe even too soft because brush always picks up too much product – and I’ve tried different brushes.
Blends very easily and it looks sheer on skin but color is buildable. Things I love about this blush are:
-beautiful color
-fact that I do not need highlighter with this blush. It has enough of it’s own shine and it gives nice glowy finish
-packaging with the brush in separate compartment 
I can see this working for both cool and warm skin tones , although it will pull more peachy-bronzey on warmer skin. Also this will look great on light and medium skin tones. On darker ones it will show up more as a highlighter.
It does not have a scent, or barely any, so it’s good choice for someone who has skin sensitive to scented products.

I admit, I have not been using it nearly enough. So lately I’ve been trying to give it more love.
I’ve been trying to “shop my stash” and use more products that have been sitting in a drawer for a while.
I really like Collistar overall as a brand but I have not been able to get it in the US. What a shame…. Quality of some of their products are as good as any other HE brand. I really hope Collistar will be able to get into US market. 
Daylight swatch on NC20 skin

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