Dior Coral Glow (002) Nude Tan Paradise Duo review, photos, swatches

What it is:

A bronzer and blush combination. 

What it does:

This duo provides a sunkissed effect and maximum radiance with two iridescent harmonies. Bronzer on one side warms up the complexion; blush on the other adds a pop of color to the cheeks. The powder pair comes with a couture design brush to naturally blend these vivid shades. 

What else you need to know:

Christian Dior has always been influenced by Latin America and its luxuriant and shimmering tropical nature, which can be seen in his dresses from 1948 onward. Drawing from this passion, the 2013 Summer Look is an invitation to an exotic journey.

I remember seeing sneak peak of Dior summer 2013 collection and I went crazy over this blush/bronzer. I could not wait to get my hands on it. This is my second blush or bronzer purchase from Dior. I have their highlighters that I love and one Dior corail riviera which kind of has same idea as this product. 

Lately Dior really reinvented it’s line and became very competitive in the luxury market. 
Nude tan Paradise duos come in Pink glow and Coral glow. I always opt for anything coral or peachy over pink. 
Packaging is unusual for Dior. Round and silver with signature Dior pattern on it. Comes with a beautiful navy pouch and a super soft and usable kabuki brush that even has it’s own little sleeve. 
Compact is heavy and has decent size mirror inside. Also has magnetic closure which is a plus, you don’t have to worry it will open when carried in your makeup bag.
Desing of the product itself really is breath taking. It has the same design as other Nude bronzers, with NUDE detail inside 4 differently colored squares. Each letter compliments the “square” but it’s either lighter or darker but kind of the same tone.
Powder is very soft and silky. Bronzer part I LOVE! Very wearable soft brown, no orange undertone, easy to blend, even nice for the contour (N part). This will work great for lighter skin tones.  Blush part is bright coral with satin finish, there is some shimmer but it can be only seen in sunlight or in photos with flash. When applied on skin it is not visible. Blush worn by itself is very nice. Gives a flush of color and it’s fairly sheer so you can overdo it, but color can be built up. Each square is large enough that if you have smaller cheek brush you can easily pick up only one color. 
Sorry for the so many photos, but I tried to take as many as I can indoors with natural light, indoors with flash and finally outdoors in direct sunlight.

My main  issue with this product is color combination. I love bronzer/blush products and have couple of them. Usually bronzer and blush part compliment each other which is not the case with this one. At least not on my skin. It ends up being this  reddish color that does not compliment my skin tone at all.

If I use only bronzer part I am very happy with the results and how it looks. Same it goes for the coral blush part. But together no way. I have tried applying it differently and I have to admit I am struggling to make it look nice. If any of my lovely readers have suggestions or ideas I am very open for it.

It is pricey and I would like to make it work somehow. I will continue using each part separately at least.

Another thing I did not like is the way powder performs if you swirl all the colors together. There is a huge fallout that makes a mess inside of a compact and you are wasting the product. I used little kabuki brush that comes with the compact.

Indoors swatch with flash. Dior 021 skin
Outdoors direct sunlight
For the separate color swatches I used heavy finger application to show the color. For all the colors mixed together I used kabuki brush that comes with the product. 
Any suggestions on using a different kind of a brush to achieve better looking color and to get more pigment out of it? This is very sheer and I had to build and keep adding more product on to make it show up at all. And since I am so pale, I barely ever have a problem of product not showing up.
Overall I am not happy with this product. I love the design, packaging, included kabuki, colors used separately bot for the price I really expect not having to struggle and invent special application to make it work. I like products that are easy to work with.

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