Dior Nude Shimmer Instant Illuminating Powder

I have been seriously obsessed with highlighters and when I saw that it finally showed up in the US I had to order it the same day. One of my all time favorite highlighters is also Dior but Amber Diamond. It’s pure perfection for my skin tone. So being a fan of the Nude line I had to grab this one too. I have to admit I did have high expectations.
According to Dior this magical powder is a subtle combination of fine mother of pearl in the transparent base. It can be lightly applied to the cheekbones, forehead  chin and bridge of the nose to attract maximum amount of light to recreate the dewy glow of the backstage look.
Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Dior nude Shimmer comes in a plastic compact with silver colored top that is strangely MUCH heavier than the bottom part. I am still trying to figure out why would they do that. It has large mirror inside and weird sponge applicator that I am not planing to use at all. Also it has signature soft Dior pouch.

Compact has clear bottom. Product has 10 gr which is decent amount for the price. I took all the photos indoors with flash.
Texture is very soft, silky, powder is finely mild and very delicate. Dior Nude shimmer is a great choice if you want dewy look without any heavy shimmer or glitter. Also color is on a neutral side – not too golden nor too silver. It’s the perfect shade for any skin tone to compliment it. I am not sure how would it look on darker skin tones. I tried googling it many times but there are not a lot reviews out there, I could barely find couple of them and all are ladies with lighter skin. 
I was so attracted by description of dewy skin , natural glow etc… It really delivers everything it promises. 

One of the first things when I got is was to compare it to similar highlighter I already own.  Left to right – MAC soft and gentle, Dior amber diamond and Dior nude shimmer. As you can tell Nude shimmer is less bronzy-peachy and more of just see trough light beige that’s MUCH more subtle when applied on the skin. And these swatches are pretty heavy to show the difference in the color.

Dior nude shimmer applied over Dior nude liquid foundation and with MAC taupe shape blush

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