Dior Vernis 294 Lady – Kingdom of colors spring 2015 collection

Dior Lady is part of the spring 2015 Kingdom of colors collection and a limited edition. It is described as delicate mauve. It has such a appropriate name since this kind of color will make you feel really ladylike.

Dior packaging is truly stunning!
Lady is soft pink shade that has slightly move tone to it that makes it special. I do not have anything similar in my stash. I was reluctant on ordering this one without trying it because barely any nude color looks good on me (hello corps looking hands) but I pulled the triger since I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of it plus it’s limited edition.
I found that formula of Lady is slightly thinner than what’s usual for Dior. I do not think I ever had such a hard time applying nail polish like I did with Lady. I applied it and had to remove it 4 times. 
I goes on unevenly, and shows any kind of imperfections on nails – ridges especially. I tried with a base coat and without it – it was difficult application both ways. What annoyed me the most is the fact I couldn’t layer coats – once you try applying second coat it pulls the first one and clumps on the edges of nail polish. Finally I figured out how to make it work – one THICK coat works wonders. It gives enough opacity and looks great. In the photos below on each nail I have two coats while on the ring finger I have one thicker coat – you can’t even see the difference in the opacity. I do not know if I just god a dud or this is usual for Lady.
Color wise it will take me a while to get used to nudes. I think this compliments medium and darker skin tones much better than the light ones like mine. But I am hoping it will look nicer if I get some tan in spring/summer.
Even though Lady has cream formula there is a super tiny shimmer that’s mostly visible while nail polish is still wet or under very bright lights or in the sunlight. I love how Dior created this sophisticated shimmer in every color I’ve tried so far. 
Indoors with flash:

Indoors natural light:

Outdoors direct sunlight:
(can you see tiny shimmer in the bottle?)

Dior Vernis retails for 27$ and I purchased mine directly from Dior.com

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