Dior Vernis Diorette 988

Discover the new-generation Dior Vernis and its ingenious formula that plays up the gel effect.
Shine. “Gel Coat” resins with intense purity combined with a techno-polymer transform each coat of lacquer into a film as smooth and shiny as glass.
Hold. Enriched with organic silicon, the new Dior Vernis strengthens the nail surface for extra-long wear. The techno-polymer creates a seamless bond between the nail and the lacquer. For really long staying power.
Smart. Softer, longer, and flat with a rounded tip, the user-friendly design of the new Dior Vernis brush ensures flawless application – even for beginners.
Colour. Colour creation draws inspiration from the colour charts of the couture collections, boasting a sweeping range that includes Iconic shades emblematic of Dior, It-shades on the pulse of fashion, bold Statement shades you can’t resist, and the Essentials, those timeless basics.
Feed your colour addiction with the new Dior Vernis, formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor.

Recently Dior released couple of the new nail polishes together with the new Dior baumes line. Besides Diorette they also released Lili (to be reviewed soon), Spring (which I desperately want) and Star.

I’ve had couple of Dior nail polishes before and I like pretty much everything about them except the super thick formula that gets even thicker with time.

I was excited to try new revamped line. Brush is exactly the same wide brush that they had in the old line. Texture is not as thick and glides on easily. I really had no problem with application of Diorette. It is EXTREMELY pigmented and opaque in one thick coat or if you prefer two thinner ones. What blew me away is how long wearing these are – I had 5 days of wear with minor tiny chip on one nail only in the corner after couple of hair washes, home chores, and some heavy duty work with hands at work (try opening 50 + boxes at work) .

Diorette is perfect fall color (or year around if you prefer darker nails). It is dark berry with subtle shimmer that you can see only in certain light and in certain angles. So beautiful!  I am so glad I picked this one up and big thank  you to my fellow nail addicts for recommending this beauty!

Bad news is that I want more Dior vernis in my collection.

Dior Vernis retail for 25$ and I got mine directly from Dior.com but they are widely available at most fine retailers. 

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