Dior Vernis Lili 121

Discover the new-generation Dior Vernis and its ingenious formula that plays up the gel effect.
Shine. “Gel Coat” resins with intense purity combined with a techno-polymer transform each coat of lacquer into a film as smooth and shiny as glass.
Hold. Enriched with organic silicon, the new Dior Vernis strengthens the nail surface for extra-long wear. The techno-polymer creates a seamless bond between the nail and the lacquer. For really long staying power.
Smart. Softer, longer, and flat with a rounded tip, the user-friendly design of the new Dior Vernis brush ensures flawless application – even for beginners.
Colour. Colour creation draws inspiration from the colour charts of the couture collections, boasting a sweeping range that includes Iconic shades emblematic of Dior, It-shades on the pulse of fashion, bold Statement shades you can’t resist, and the Essentials, those timeless basics.
Feed your colour addiction with the new Dior Vernis, formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor.

Lili is the first shade I tried from the new reformulated Dior vernis line. Out of nowhere I got this idea that I need nice nude nail polish (???). It is so hard finding a good nude color for light skin tones that’s not too pink, too beige, too light, that does not blend right into my skin color… 
Lili was recommended by my fellow nail polish addicts and my lovely friends -they will recognize themselves <3 
Brush is wide and covers almost entire nail in one stroke – which is amazing and makes application super easy even for nail polish beginners.

Color wise it is ok but I am not crazy about it. Most likely the problem is I am not used to light nude colors on my nails. It will probably take a while to get used to not having bright colorful or very dark nails. 
Application was not so great. It took three coats for full coverage. First coat had TONS of little bubbles which were evened out with next coat. 

If you like soft light colors like Lili I recommend it. And speaking for myself I will just have to work on getting used to these kind of colors…
I purchased Lili for 25$ directly from Dior.com

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