Dior Vernis Summer 2015 Sunkissed 239

dior vernis sunkissed 239
Dior Sunkissed is limited edition and part of the Dior summer 2015 Tie dye collection. For me Dior has the best nail polishes on the market -brush, formula and colors are absolute winners in my book. I do not own many (or none) colors like Sunkissed and I was attracted to it since I first saw it. Light peachy pink seemed like a great choice for summer.

Color is not that unique – Essie had at least dozen similar ones in the past couple of years.  Lately I have been attracted to Dior nude nail polishes – check out Lili and Lady .

I think this kind of peachy pink would look amazing on tanned skin or on naturally medium and darker skin. It would show more contrast than on the lighter skin.
I do like it but I do not love it. What bothers me is terrible formula – watery , thin, goes on extremely unevenly , patchy no matter what I’ve tried.  I have tried layering thicker coats, thinner coats and no difference – it would never look perfect. So disappointing considering that Dior most of the time has amazing formulas. For the price and reputation that Dior nail polishes have I really expected more and I am not willing to put so much work into it to make it look half decent.
dior vernis sunkissed
Dior vernis retail for 27$ and I purchased mine at Nordstrom.

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