Diorksin Nude air Glowing gardens illuminating powders

To sculpt your face with touches of light, Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens draws inspiration from the technique of strobing. This powder with extremely fine illuminating pigments is embossed with a delicate floral motif. Its exquisite texture enhances your complexion with a subtle iridescent glow. It comes with a mini kabuki brush for easy application.

When Dior discontinued their super popular Shimmer powders I didn’t think they will be able to make anything better or as good. Nude air glowing gardens powder did come very close. As soon as I saw these beauties pop up online I had to order them. I usually am not fan of spring collections that mostly have pastels but these two are absolute stars not just in Dior’s spring collection but maybe two best releases of the whole spring beauty line up.

They come in the signature round silver packaging with cannage pattern – I am not really a fan I prefer old navy packaging. They also include mini kabuki brush that comes with most Dior face powder products. It is surprisingly good. I have plenty of them and use them when I need to buff in the product (not specifically this one but any kind of powder, even the cream bronzer).

Texture of both  appears stiff and hard but it is very pigmented. It feels almost like a gel to powder. I applied it with different brushes and never had an issue with either picking up enough product , application or blending. What really stands out for me (highlighter hoarder who has too many of them) is the finish – when blended it almost melts into the skin even though at first appears metallic and can be seen from the space it actually becomes more subtle once it’s blended and gives beautiful lit from within glow.

HonestlyI can’t find any cons of this product (price maybe if you are not keen to spend as much on the HE highlighter).

Sad thing about these is that they are limited edition. WHY DIOR OH WHY??? They have 2 highlighting powders in their permanent range that replaced Amber and Rose diamond that are pretty crappy so why not keep these two instead? Although there is a rumor these will come back and become part of the permanent range.

Glowing nude is golden beige that doesn’t seem so unique but it is pretty never the less. I wear it with bronzers to add some glow and warmth. If you are lighter with warmer skin tone you will love it.

Glowing pink is definitely more unique of the two. It is pinkish silver (almost white) with multi colored shimmer. Beautiful for lighter cooler and neutral skin tones. Actually must have for them and great for others too.

I purchased mine directly from dior.com and paid 58$ for each .

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