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All the beauty lovers out there know that no one does beauty and beauty products like the French. It is always about effortless and effective products. By now we also know about famous 12 step K beauty regimen. Then think about how amazing it is to combine these two!! Erborian is half French half Korean brand – founded by French skincare expert Katalin Berenyi and Korean scientist Hojung Lee. Erborian adapts Asian skincare expertise and rituals into an easy routine for modern women. The inspiration is Korean skincare, and the carefree sensibility and luxurious scents are borrowed from the French.

Erborian, “Herbs of the Orient”, was born from the meeting of two women with a passion for beauty. Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, dreams of sharing the world of Korean beauty and beauty products with women across the globe. Katalin Berenyi, a true beauty globetrotter, tirelessly travels the planet, seeking out the beauty secrets and rituals of the countries she visits.

“When I created Erborian with Hojung, it seemed the obvious thing to do. Women all over the world have one thing in common: a beauty that is unique, genuine and natural.” Katalin Berenyi, President and co-founder.

Erborian is created in 2007 and by now they have couple of cult products that I was excited to try and show you today.



CC Creme  (44$)– A high-definition skin perfecting cream with one-shade fits all color-matching technology, for a luminous, soft, and flawless-looking complexion. With skin matching technology, this perfecting cream uses a blurring effect to give you soft, glowy, even-looking skin.  The broad-spectrum SPF 25 protects skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays while the lightweight coverage helps skin appear refined, soft, and healthy-looking. As you can see in the photos below it has medium thick texture and a little goes a long way. It comes out almost white/grayish from the tube but instantly adapts to skin tone once applied. It has light peachy tone to it to help even out any kind of discoloration/uneven tone. This is perfect if you like lighter base or on a day when you want to look polished , like “no makeup makeup look”. It does have satin almost matte finish and you can always add a bit powder if you are on the oilier side.

Glow Creme  (42$)–  A multi-benefit primer to help illuminate and bring a perfect-looking radiance to the complexion. Upon application, Glow Crème helps to reveal a pearly glow and a radiant complexion that seems to catch and subtly reflect light, like a hologram effect. Enriched with licorice extract, it helps to brighten, beautify, and hydrate, while also helping to smooth the skin. Subtly pearlescent, your skin looks luminous, with an ultra-radiant, glow effect. It can be used as a highlighter, too. Just pat a small amount on top of makeup for an extra radiant look. This is great multitasker – primer, extra hydrating, added glow… it reminds me a lot of MAC Strobe creme except it has  lighter texture.


Left : Glow creme  Right : CC cream  


Yuza double lotion (36$) – Enriched with yuzu, known for its antioxidant properties, Yuza Double Lotion combines the benefits of two phases that work together. The aqueous phase contains an ingredient which helps to reveal skin’s radiance, and the oily phase helps to nourish. This bi-phase formula smooths the appearance of skin to provide radiance to even dull and tired complexions. Skin looks supple and full of vitality

Eau Ginseng (39$) – refreshing lotion infused with ginseng, known for its smoothing and moisturizing properties. This delicately scented Eau Ginseng helps skin feel hydrated and smoothed, leaving behind a glowing complexion. Pat into skin for an instant feeling of refreshing comfort for skin that is supremely soft. Ginseng root has been used for centuries in Korean skin care because of its smoothing and moisturizing properties. During its growth, the Ginseng root pulls many nutrients from the soil, making it an ideal core ingredient for skin care formulation.


Beauty lotions (or waters, essences) are one of the main things in Asian skincare and pretty new to western beauty world. I love this extra step after cleansing/toning and before moisturizing. Yuza gives really nice addition of hydration and balances dry/oily areas well. Ginseng blew me away from day one – I can instantly see my skin as brighter, more glowy and even toned. It is so perfect if you need to quickly refresh your skin – it has cooling effect too.


All Erborian products are formulated without : parabens, sulfates and phthalates. They are available at Sephora or Official Erborian website



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