Essie Fall 2015 collection – Color Binge , With the band, In the lobby

Even though summer is in the full swing with this brutal heat and humidity fall is just around the corner and we are slowly seeing all the fall collections roll out. Essie fall collections are my all time favorite and no one does them better than Essie. So when I saw Essie fall 2015 pop up online I had to order it right away – I chose three color that are right up my alley : Color binge, With the band and In the lobby.

Color binge is bright red that leans very orange, almost coral. Formula is pigmented but on the thinner watery side. I did two thicker coats for the full coverage. Very nice high shine finish even without a top coat. This could be easily part of the summer collection how bright it is.
With the band is rusty brick red creme. I wasn’t able to captchure how the color really looks like. In real it looks much more like warm toned brown than red. It is pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I will like it as much. It is perfect for fall. Formula is wonderful – one coat for opaque even coverage.
In the lobby is dark burgundy with jelly formula. This one I was most looking forward too. It has unbelievably glossy finish. Love that but I did not like the jelly formula. Very thin and hard to apply. (maybe I just do not know how to work with jelly formula? ) Goes on uneven and I had to go back and do a little bit of a spot fixing. If you are ready to put some work into this it is really worth it for this vampy color.
And some comparison requested by Cajka

How do you like these three? What are you planning on getting from Essie Fall Leggy legend collection?

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