Essie Gel Couture Beauty marked, Sit me in the front row, Spool me over

Essie recently launched brand new formula featuring 42 brand new shades, that promises 14 day wear without LED lamp needed. It also includes brand new gel top coat. Removal is as easy as with any other regular nail polish. Top coat gives high shine.

I was so excited to see Essie releasing at home gel formula. And the best part of it – WIDE BRUSH! Finally Essie finally! It makes application so much easier since you can cover your whole nail in one easy swipe. Perfect for beginners! Brush gives so much precision that you can go as close as you want to the cuticles without making a mess. I was able to get at least 7 days without chipping . I will go more into details about the brush with some comparison photos in my next post. Now let me show you three shades I purchased.

Beauty marked – striking statement crimson

Perfect classic red. Timeless. Could be easily one coater but I did two. Thinner formula but incredibly pigmented which makes it so easy to work with.

Sit me in the front row –¬†distinguished juicy raspberry

Bright, eye catching and so perfectly feminine. One coat wonder! I have never experienced color like this one to be so saturated that you easily need only one coat. I do not think I have done my nails faster than with this one.

Spool me over – creamy apricot pink
I wanted to try at least one of the lighter shades and chose Spool me over because it reminds me of legendary Van d go (that we all love despite it’s tricky formula). On me it pulls more apricot thank pink. Not as pigmented as the other shades I’ve tried and needs 3 thinner coats or 2 thicker ones (I found that it’s easier to build thicker coats then they go more evenly).
Stay tuned for more shades reviewed…
Essie gel coutures retail for 11.50$ and you can find them at Ulta, Walgreens, Target, Amazon etc…

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