Essie In the Cab-ana

…in the car or at the beach, this self-assured aqua azure lacquer gives good nail – wherever the opportunity arises.

In the cabana is one of the colors that are in the permanent Essie line but I have never considering purchasing it until recently. Why? I have no idea. Essie describes it as aqua azure and on me it pulls more green than blue and significantly darker than my camera captures it. Easy to work with formula that goes on evenly and gives full coverage in 2 thin coats.

essie in the cab-ana
I have tried and swatched many Essie shades but non of them had more likes on Instagram than In the cabana!
I wasn’t just excited to try this shade but I also paired it with Essie’s newest top coat – Gel setter.
jet-setters need solid, go-getter shine that works as hard as they do. essie gel.setter tops any of your favorite essie colors with all the cushy, rock-hard shine of a gel, in a foolproof formula for at home manis and pedis.
Applied feels and looks similar to Good to go except it might have a bit more of a shine. It does not have thickness of salon gel nail polish. It has normal thickness as any other top coat out there. Drying time is as good as any other fast drying top coat. So pretty much you are getting higher shine, same drying time and longer wear than you regular fast drying top coat.
I was so excited to see that my nails survived 4 full days without even a tiniest chip! It’s a record for me especially if that includes my work days that are brutal on my nails.

By day 5 I had minor chips in the corners.

Day 6 and major chipping in the corners. This would usually happen to me on day 2 so this makes a huge improvement! I did all the house work, sanitized and washed my hands enormous amount of time on daily basis both at home and at work, washed my hair twice…
I am very happy with this top coat and became my HG! Yes I still love Nails inc caviar for it’s high shine and super fast dry but this beats it with longevity.
Gel setter is available at mass retailers like Target, Walgreens etc… (still not available at Ulta and I do not have info if it will be at all).  I payed 12.99$ for mine so couple of dollars more than their other top coats.

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