Essie Jump In My Jumpsuit Winter Collection 2014

 Do the happy dance with this jubilant juicy red that’s very of the moment…

Jump in my jumpsuit is probably one of the two really wintery colors in the Essie’s winter 2014 collection . It is extremely rich and deep read that would be perfect for both fall and winter. Or even year around if you are red nail polish lover like me. Indoors photos actually are more accurate and show how deep this color is. Outdoors in the sunlight seems a bit lighter and brighter. It kind of reminds me of OPI Malaga wine (or colors in that category). Formula is excellent and I got full coverage with two thin coats. I could probably got away with only one thicker coat. No streaking, no little bubbles, high shine without a top coat. I used Essie protein base coat underneath. I can never have enough of these colors and not that it just looks beautiful on the nails I will be doing my pedicure today with this one. Perfect color perfect formula great job Essie!

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