Essie Little brown dress

I’ve been on a hunt for a chocolate brown nail polish. What I had in my mind was more of a milk chocolate color but I ended up buying Essie little brown dress which is more of a dark chocolate color.   Essie described this color as a beguiling dark coffee.
It really looks like dark coffee. Mostly it looks black with a hint of a dark brown. That’s what I wanted to avoid. Honestly I hate all dark polishes that look the same – just black with a hint of some color and then you need special light to see it.

LBD is not too warm or cool brown. It’s neutral and will suit both warm and cool skin tones.
I am pleasantly surprised by LBD. It has super creamy texture and is very opaque – almost full coverage with only one coat. I did two in my swatches. It goes on so smooth no streaks, and dries with a glossy finish.
I think it particularly looks good against the light skin.
Even though it’s not what I had in my mind I still like it. Highly recommended if you want dark polish with a hint of brown.

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