Essie Serene Slate collection

say goodbye to the screen-age dream and get back to a more beautiful reality with the essie serene slate collection

when you understand that wire-less is more, you are able to be present in the moment and unwind. with mind-full meditation as the name of the game, it’s time to fully commit to being generation zen. take time to cause & reflect, a mental recharge is good for the soul when it’s all toned down. so as you go gadget-free, indulge in our serene slate collection for those mindful mani moments..

find an excuse to unplug from the screen and plug into a manicure of mineral neutrals that suit any skin tone or state of mind.

As soon as I saw the preview of Serene slate collection I knew this will be my all time favorite collection from Essie. These kind of shades are right up my alley and Essie does them like no one else! They simply know how to make great creamy neutrals. As opposed to typical Essie collection that has 6 shades, Serene slate has 9 new shades. 7 are cream and two are shimmers.

My favorites – Mindful meditation as the most perfect nude ever (seriously this is backup worthy), Press pause as gorgeous light and cool toned color which I usually don’t wear so well but this one is perfection, Wire-less is more with that gorgeous hidden shimmer with a shift (just look at the swatch no words needed). It’s really hard to choose favorites because every single color is done so well . Even the shimmers which are not my cup of tea are done so well that you can see brush strokes (it is typical for this kind of finish). All of the shades are rich in pigment, some give full opaque coverage in one coat but mostly I did two for the swatches. Scroll down and enjoy!!

Mindful Meditation
Generation Zen
On Mute
Press Pause
Wire-less is more
Toned down

Serene Slate
Cause and reflect

Gadget free

Thank you team Essie for providing samples for the review purposes.

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