Essie Summer 2015 – Sunset sneaks, Pret-a-surfer , Peach side babe, Chillato

Unleash your inner beach goddess with stunning summer hues. inspired by endless summer fun, this fresh new palette gets you in the groove with a wardrobe of chic shades. 

Essie summer 2015 Peach side babe is the second collaboration with Essie’s new creative director Rebecca Minkoff. It has some fun, bright colors but most of them are not so unique except Chillato which will probably be the star of the collection.

This collection didn’t get me really excited at first. I couldn’t decide if I want anything or I do not want any of them so I compromised and got 4 mini pack.

Sunset sneaks and Pret a surfer are almost one coaters – one thicker coat or two thinner ones. They go on beautifully without streaking. Sunset sneaks I love as any other red but Pret a surfer was the nicest surprise for me – unique blue that is really eye catching. I got so many compliments when wearing this one.

Peach side babe has slightly thinner consistency and you need at least two coats (thicker) or three thinner ones for full coverage. Even though it looks streaky with the first coats it nicely evens out with more coats. Color is not quite unique and I have a feeling I have seen it dozens of times from Essie. It is nice though.

Chillato is the most unique one in this collection – a cross between yellow and green it is bright and perfect summery fun color. I have never seen or had color like this one. I didn’t expect that I will like it but I did. It grew on me. It will be even more perfect on medium and darker (or tanned) skin. Terribly streaky after one coat – it has thin texture but be patient and keep layering it and it ends up looking surprisingly opaque and with a nice cream finish. I did one thin coat and then one thicker and I was satisfied how it ended up looking.

Sunset sneaks “when the sun sinks low, kick off the evening in the height of cool: an opulent sneaker and this vibrant crimson red”
essie sunset sneaks
Pret-a-surfer  –ready to suit up? snap up summer’s chicest accessories – a surfboard and this immersive marine blue- and hit the waves in style. 
essie pret-a-surfer
Peach side babesweet. gorgeous. hot. this sun-ripe peach tempts every sense with freshly-picked beauty.
Chillato totally.chill.out. cold and refreshing this pretty, frozen cream pistachio sends shivers down your spine. 
essie chillato
And a little sneak peak what’s coming from Essie in July – Cashmere matte brights

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