Essie Truth or flare spring 2014

Essie Truth or flare is part of Essie hide and go chic spring 2014 collection. Color is described as “vintage blue denim”. I love the description it really does remind of washed out jeans. Light cool toned blue, but toned down not as bright as some baby blues out there. Color is really beautiful but formula – the worst I have ever experienced from Essie. It’s so thin almost like a water. I had to layer God knows how many coats to get any kind of even coverage on the nail. And it goes on so streaky so I was mostly dabbing the brush on the nail. How disappointing. Who has time and patience for that? What came to my mind a day later is that I should have used Essie protein base coat which does magic for lighter Essie colors. Unfortunately I do not have one at the time but will buy it soon and then try it with that. It makes lighter colors pop, without having to apply multiple coats. 

All pictures are taken in direct sunlight except the last one which was taken indoors with a flash.

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