Essie Wild Nudes 2017 Review & Swatches



bare with me. come take a walk on the wild side and embrace your inner nudist. as we dance in the moonlight and become one with nature, beyond this point it’s clothing optional. so let’s get cozy without a stitch and play truth or bare. if the leaf fits, wear it – or you’ll be full mooning. choose to dare and be exposed? time to skinny dip and go on a winning streak with my wild nude shades.



Last week I was invited to attend Essie’s promotion of their two new collections – Wild nudes and Summer 2017. They organized it the beautiful Elizabeth Arden Red door spa in downtown Chicago. I will write more about it in my upcoming post on their Summer 2017 collection. Beautiful morning with Essie and thank you so much for having me. Wild nudes collection is honestly one of the best collections Essie has launched in the past couple of years. Nudes with a twist – neutral shades that offer range from very light barely there color to dramatic dark shades. If you work in the corporate environment shades like Wild nude, Skinny dip and Bare with me are very office friendly. My favorites from this collection are Winning streak , Mooning and Without a stitch.  How about yours?


Winning streak – dark purple with a grayish tone

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Winning streak


Mooning – light shadowy blue with an undertone of black

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Mooning


Exposed – mossy green with a slight white overcast

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Exposed


Without a stitch – clean light gray

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Without a stitch


Wild nude – light tan with a wash of white

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Wild nude


Skinny dip– light peach pink with a slight hint of black (sheer)

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Skinny dip


Bare with me – apricot tone with gray cast

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Bare with me


Truth or bare – light cinnamon brown with a hint of red

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Truth or bare


Clothing optional – natural sienna brown

Essie Wild Nudes 2017 - Clothing optional



Essie Wild nudes collection is available at






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