Essie Winter 2017 Collection


join us as we ring in the bling & celebrate the new year. Start the party with your social-lights besties and end it on your mistletoes for your midnight kiss – with our shades your night is guaranteed to be cherry! so let’s get suit & tied and start 2018 off right – new year, new hue!

Finally, I finished swatching Essie winter  2017 collection and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I love winter/holiday collections mostly because they feature reds – as you know I am red nail polish sucker and because there is always some nice deep dark shade. This collection did not disappoint. I have to say the star of the collection is Social lights without a single doubt – this color is so unique and the formula is superb!! I can’t find enough words how much I loved this color. This needs to go into Essie permanent lineup.  Ring in the bling is stunning warm toned red. It is not your typical shimmery red it has such an interesting warm toned shimmer in it – even me having so many reds in my collections I do not have anything similar to it.  Be Cherry is gorgeous pink toned creme red and one of the best reds I have tried from Essie. These three are a must from this collection. If you are not into reds so much then take a look at  New Year New Hue – beautiful creme purple and On your mistletoes – one coat wonder. Both are stunning rich deep shades and look so good on short nails. The only shade that didn’t work for me was Suit&Tied, simply it clashes with my skin tone.


Social lights – a slate gray glistening with amber warmth


Ring in the bling – a dazzling ruby red tinged with light navy blue


On your mistletoes – a dense oxford blue


Be cherry! – a bright crimson red


New Year new hue – a rich magenta purple


Suit & Tied – a clean-cut sand beige


Thank you Essie for sending these complimentary for review. You can find this collection at

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