Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial


Enjoy a fun, foaming DIY spa treatment at home with Bionic Oxygen Facial. Oxygen has long been known as a pre-event treatment for savvy beauty enthusiasts, so whether you’re hitting the red carpet or just a night out with friends, treat yourself to the power of oxygen at home.
Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial is a quick fix for stressed skin, delivering a spa-quality treatment at home. The triple oxygenating blend works to restore radiance and brighten skin. A revitalizing infusion of molecular oxygen detoxifies and eliminates dullness, helping to trigger cellular energy and optimize collagen.


Straight from the bottle, the facial looks and feels like a blue gel cleanser. I lightly applied four pumps to my damp, clean face and watched how the gel grew frothy and turned white after 30 seconds. On my skin, the mask felt light and airy. It tingled a bit, which did not feel too pleasant at first but that made me think that my pores were getting a thorough but gentle cleanse. After nearly three minutes, the bubbles began to dissolve and the foam slowly disappeared from my face. Following the facial’s instructions, I rinsed the remaining residue after five minutes. I have been using Bionic Oxygen facial 3 times a week for the past couple of weeks and I noticed my complexion looks less dull, it is  much brighter,  pores look smaller and texture is more evened out.

This mask is truly unique containing pure essential Oxygen plus a Bionic Complex that energies and detoxifies the skin. It brings new life to stressed skin and instantly restores a more youthful, soft and luminous complexion.

Exuviance recommends using this couple of times a week either after their Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 or your exfoliator (manual) that you typically use. I like to cleanse, then use Bionic oxygen facial and follow with serum and moisturizer. Even though this should be used multiple times a week for maintenance this is also great as a quick pick me up for skin before special events since results are so amazing and visible even after one use.

Many women that are either busy with work, kids…. or both and trying to balance life but have some “me time” too, could find this quick, easy to use, pampering experience at home. When I put kids to bed I like to have some time for myself and usually it includes some kind of mask before going to bed myself. This is one of the best mask I have ever tried because it really delivers results that it promises.

Overall I love this offering from Exuviance as mush as I loved everything else I have tried from the brand so far. It was easy for me to incorporate it in my existing regimen.


Exuviance Bionic oxygen facial retails for 65$ and can be found at  https://www.neostrata.com/product/exuviance+bionic+oxygen+facial.do

65$ is great price point for 3.4 oz / 100 ml bottle considering how little goes a long way and even with use multiple times a week this should last months. Just think how much would actual spa treatment cost ?

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