February and March 2014 hauls

I can easily use my birthday month as an excuse for excessive shopping… Anyway life became very difficult again and as always I had a need to shop like there is no tomorrow. I never get any gifts for my birthday from other people – or rarely ever so I decided couple of years ago that I will start treating myself. 

First up my MAC fix – small haul including re-promoted Perfect topping – unfortunately not as good as original release. Why oh why does MAC do this? Lately they have been promoting some amazing old products. Well actually they would create completely new product and just use a name of the old one. So irritating. Old Perfect topping was very unique and I was so excited to be able to buy it again. I am not saying new one is not nice but it’s not the same as the original. 
Mineralize blush in Petal power – This one is stunning with it’s beautiful golden sheen. I can’t wait to review it. I can see myself wearing it often especially during warmer months. It sold out quickly but I can tell you this is back up worthy.

 Dior amber diamond <3 My first ever HE makeup purchase. Long long time ago I think it was 2007. I still have it but I bought another one when I realized it was gone completely. I know it got discontinued a while ago in EU but was hoping it will stay permanent in the US. Well since they are coming out with two new shimmer powders they got rid of Amber diamond. I will never forgive you Dior!! So I went on a hunt trying to find it and thankfully local Nordstrom had two left and shipped one to me.

Now my real birthday haul from Ulta. I restocked on some skincare. My skin is terribly dry, like a dessert. I decided to switch to Tonique confort (btw I love it! what a pleasant surprise) from my Tonique radiance (will go back to it when this never ending winter ends). Also wanted to try hydrating mask for a first time – let’s see if it will make any difference, I am not big believer in masks.  Binefait UV is my choice for this summer when it comes to sun protection. Previous two summers I used clinique and shiseido and I loved both, but wanted to try something new.  Juicy tubes are one of my favorite glosses and I added Hallucination to my

Second part of my Ulta : OPI avoplex oil – buying it for the second time. When I originally got it I did not like it at all. Lately I have been using it often and it is great when applied right before I make nail swatches. Great for on the go to. Clarisonic cashmere cleanse will replace my sensitive brush – can’t wait to try it! CK one mascara is birthday gift from Ulta. I have never tried anything from CK one line but I have heard some amazing things about their foundation. Too faced revamped they Natural eyes palette and I had to buy it. I am huge fan of the first one. It has been my mostly used palette of all the eyeshadows and palettes I have (reviewed here).

 Lancome added another product to their Visionnaire line. So excited to try Visionnaire blur! I wore it today with Lancome teint miracle foundation over it and first impressions are that this can easily become my all time favorite primer. Makes skin super smooth and silky without heavy silicone feeling. 

 NARSSisist eyeshadow palette. They pretty much hit it out of the park with this one. Lately NARS has been killing my wallet. Selection of their best eyeshadows all in one palette. What morec oould one NARS fan ask for? <3
I love the looks Lauren created with his palette http://www.lcmakeupblog.com/2014/01/fotd-using-new-narsissist-eyeshadow.html  http://www.lcmakeupblog.com/2014/01/arabic-eye-inspired-fotd-with.html

Giorgio Armani blush number 10 has been sitting on my wishlist for months. Or maybe a year? I keep delaying to buy it but when I found out that they will discontinue it and come out with new line of blushes I had to order it right away. I am sure it sold out quickly among it’s loyal fans. It is very pretty shade for light skin tones. Not to beige not to pink with subtle shimmer. Why do companies discontinue such a classic products? This is my first Armani product.

Couple of new fragrances. I needed another one like I need hole in the head. Manifesto was such a surprise. I have tried it many times on the blotter and it was just ok, not worth buying. It has this annoying top note. I liked how it smelled on other people. Couple of weekends ago I sprayed it on my skin just for fun even though I already had perfume on… First it completely overpowered what I had on, it had amazing staying power and smelled better and better as timed went by. It is extremely sweet, yummy and sexy at the same time.

I have been eyeing Valentina for over two years. I remember trying it when it came out and I liked it right away. Simple, feminine, soft. Easy to wear and great choice for springs. Main reason I did not buy it was that staying power is not so great. It’s not terrible but not as good as I would like it to be. Well I broke down and finally got it. I will make sure to use it often this spring. 

Finally I treated myself with one of the best perfumed body lotions out there – Prada Infusion D’iris. I’ve had small bottle long time ago and loved it. It smells exactly like the perfume which I find is very rare, mostly ancilery products smell similar with some added “plastic” scent to it. I assume it’s hard to recreate the same scent used in actual fragrance and transfer it to body lotion, shower gel etc… And huge plus is that it is actually very moisturizing which is almost never the case with this type of body products. Only thing I find annoying is that there is no pump. Seriously for 50$ body lotion they could at least put a pump on that bottle! I used Infusion D’iris EDP 4 years ago and brings beautiful memories back on our vacation to Hawaii. Can’t wait to use it again this summer! 

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