Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy and Eyes To Kill Classic Mascaras

I have been wanting to try Armani mascaras for such a long time especially Eyes to kill because I’ve been reading all these raves about it.  While getting some Armani goodies during their friends and family sale I received samples of both Eyes to kill and Black ecstasy mascaras and was so excited to try them!

Sorry for no photos of fancy packaging since I only have samples. I included oficial stock photos so you can have idea of how the packaging looks like. I was trying more to focus on how the brush looks like and how mascara actually looks like once applied. 
Armani recently updated their mascara packaging and it is truly stunning with this sleek glossy black design.
Black Ecstasy Mascara by Giorgio Armani is an ultra-black, total-effect mascara with a cylindrical, multidirectional brush that captures and coats every lash with four patented multi-effect waxes for quick application, volume, length and curl. Its formula features an exclusive color-boosting polymer for the most intense black yet.
Black ecstasy has a classic kind of a brush that’s often found in mascaras and compared to Eyes to kill classic it has shorter bristles that are more densely packed.  Formula is also slightly “thicker” and creamier giving a bit more dramatic look. Color wise even though it’s supposed to be dramatic dark black I found that it’s as black as any other black mascara (for example some mascaras that are labeled as deep black for like Hypnose are truly darker and deeper black).
Black ecstasy gives decent volume and holds up curl really well. Didn’t clump and it was easily buildable. I wish it would give more volume. Try not to maneuver your lashes after mascara dries because it will start flaking like crazy. You can even see flakes in my photos below. No smudging during just some more flaking.
Black ecstasy (2 coats)
giorgio armani black ectasy
Get lush lashes in one swipe with Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Classic Mascara, an all-in-one award-winning formula that provides length, volume and definition. It’s formulated with a blend of hard and soft waxes to optimize lash volume with instantaneous and full impact while leaving lashes soft and flexible. Its oversized patented brush features a bristle weave design that coats and texturizes lashes in fewer strokes.
Eyes to kill has a bigger brush and longer bristles that are not so dense and formula is significantly drier and not as intense as Black ecstasy. Result you get is more of a natural look with minimal volume but nicely separated lashes. I tried adding more coats for more volume but didn’t make much difference honestly. This will be great choice for natural look lovers or someone who likes Lancome definicils, Chanel inimitable etc… I didn’t experience any flaking or smudging. This mascara is just not for me – I like more volume (a lot more).
Eyes to kill classic (2 coats)
armani eyes to kill mascara
Brush comparison:


Two decent mascaras but nothing spectacular. If you haven’t tried them before you didn’t miss much. I had much higher expectations based on all the reviews and claims but they both are not my cup of tea.
If you are ready to spend that much on the luxury  mascara I suggest looking somewhere else – Lancome, Chanel, Guerlain…

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