Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer 90 and 100

Show off a warm, goddess glow with this SPF-15-infused bronzer. Maestro Liquid Summer is a lightweight bronzer in liquid form that can be applied alone or after Maestro Fusion makeup for a healthy glow. This revolutionary bronzer is a waterless formulation of volatile oils and pigments for ultra-comfort and blendability. With just one drop, the innovative, oil-to-pigment pearls glide on effortlessly for a flawless, buildable Mediterranean glow that leaves a no-makeup feel. 

Using liquid bronzer or any kind of liquid (colored) makeup beside the foundation is really out of my comfort zone. I wanted to try something new and different and Armani so far has never failed my expectations. The reason why I have two shades is that I originally purchased shade 100 which was the only one available just to find out couple of weeks later they are coming out with one darker (110) and one lighter shade (90).

I have never tried original Maestro foundation but I am familiar with the formula since many other companies have included something same/similar in the foundation range. Maestro summer liquid follows the same idea – extremely lightweight texture and skin like finish. It does have tiny bit of a golden shimmer but mostly visible under the direct sunlight or artificial light. I would call the finish satin.

It comes in bottle with dropper  and has 1 oz / 30ml of product that will take lifetime to go trough. You need less than one drop for one use. I usually end up with more than that on the back of my hand since dropper does get messy and I  have too much product left over. I always try to blend it on the back of my hand first and then apply it on my face.

My main thing was discovering which brush is the best for application and for me MAC 187 works the best since it applies product in the light layer and blends nicely. Dab dab dab and blend.

90 is obviously lighter and slightly more neutral while 100 is warmer. Both work well with light/medium skin tone.

Besides using them as any other bronzer they can be mixed with your liquid foundation in case it gets too light in the summer or can be applied on bare skin before foundation for bronze-priming effect .

Note on the texture and application – it is so lightweight almost watery and sets almost immediately
so you need to blend it fast. It doesn’t leave any creamy/liquidy/oily residue.

Maestro summer glows are part of the permanent range and they retail for 64$ . I purchased mine from Nordstrom.

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