Giorgio Armani Sun Fabric sheer bronzers in 100 and 400

Cover your skin in a beautiful sun-kissed glow thanks to the innovative Sun Fabric bronzer by Giorgio Armani that reinvents what it means to be a powdered bronzer.

My second Armani makeup purchase and I can tell you right away that I am blown away. Main reason I have never tried Armani makeup before is mainly that’s not so widely available as some other High end brands. I was not so excited to order online sight unseen and than have to return etc… But after researching for couple of months I decided to order two Armani bronzers I have been eyeing for a while during their 20% off friends and family sale. 
Everything about these screams luxury but in a very classy way. Packaging is black simple plastic but still feels very sturdy and heavy in hand and added magnetic closure makes it more special. To me packaging seems kind of futuristic. 
Also GA sign is subtle which I like. There is separate compartment for a brush which I do not care for but at least I appreciate that they made separate space for it without making packaging bulkier.

I decided to go with two shades :
100 Pantelleria – light and soft brown with golden glow. This is absolute stunner and a must have if you have light skin. A while ago when these were released I was advised by some women not to buy it because it looks to yellow and muddy on their skin. I have to totally disagree with this. 100 is your improved version of NARS Laguna or MAC Sundipped bronzer. It is in the same color family , almost a dupe but texture is much more refined being softer, silkier with beautiful natural finish.  This will not show up on skin darker than NC20/25. Maybe if layered for a nice golden glow. This kind of a color truly gives that natural sunkissed look. 
400 Heat – it is much warmer than 100 with strong red undertones. This can work on both light and medium skin tones. It does give different finish than 100. It doesn’t have that golden sunkissed look but more of a warm blush/bronzer kind of a finish. It reminds me of Guerlain bronzers which are also very warm and pull orange. I like these kind of shades because they do give nice color if you are pale but I have to be always careful not to overdo them. 
These two seem very similar in the pan but on the skin you can tell easily the difference in the color. 
Texture wise they are both super soft and silky, easily blendable and soft meaning you can go very lightly on the color or you can build it if needed more. Textured pattern also makes it unique. 
They are priced at 54$ which is kind of expected from Armani. They do give same quality as Guerlain and I do not say that often when it comes to bronzers. Guerlain is a bronzer authority without a doubt but with Sun fabrics Armani made exceptional product that could easily take Guerlain off the throne. 

Left 100- Right 400
I don’t remember when I was so positively surprised by a new product I’ve tried. Now I am excited to try more from Armani. 
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