Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara


Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara ensures that lashes are deeply reached—from the root up—for ultimate length. Featuring an innovative 90° bendable brush that’s inspired by Givenchy’s backstage shows, this mascara offers a unique stretching formula to sweep on the ultimate lash extension effect—without compromising your lashes and customized volume. It seamlessly gives you intensely lengthened, volumized, and defined lashes.


Apply your mascara like a pro following Givenchy’s Makeup Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes’s tips:

  1. Givenchy presents the new vertical gesture. Bend to 90° by pressing wand against the top of the container to reach lashes from the root up. Then brush them up in a zigzag motion from the root to the tips for unlimited length and definition.
  2. Unbend the brush to create a buildable volume.


First of all let’s talk about Interdit Noir stunning packaging. Black, sleek and it does not get more luxurious than this. Givenchy does packaging like no one else – they pay attention to even smallest details like imprint on the lipstick, Givenchy logo on top of the lid… I know some do not care much about packaging but if you are paying big bucks for the product and it is advertised as high end/luxurious then packaging should follow those standards too. And that is exactly what Givenchy offers.

Obviously bendable bush is the main thing about this mascara- it allows you to reach even the smallest lashes in the corners as well to push them up for nice lift that holds really well throughout the day. Formula is really good – not too thick and goopy and there is not tons on the brush which often happens with this kind of “comb” (think Chanel le volume). It is also very gentle on lashes – easily buildable volume without clumping. Another plus is no smudging or flaking throughout the day. One coat gives more of a soft daytime look but two coats give enough volume and length. I haven’t tried new Givenchy Lash primer but I am super excited for it to release in the USA to pair it with Noir interdit.

I think Noir interdit would be amazing for very short, stubby and flat lashes.



… and voila!! 2 coats of Givenchy Noir interdit mascara


I received Givenchy Noir interdit mascara complimentary from Givenchy and Influenster for testing purposes. You can purchase it at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s and Saks fifth ave and it retails for 29$

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