Guerlain Cils d’Enfer – So Volume Maxi Lash Mascara

A charming trump card, an irresistible weapon of seduction, Cils d’Enfer So Volume intensifies and enhances the eyes. Sophisticated variation of the mascara phenomenon, it delivers incredible instant volume, of a deep black. From the first sweep of the brush, the gentle, creamy and elastic formula creates significantly thicker lashes. Infused with a conditioning action to protect the lashes, it is enriched with adhesive oils to prevent running or smudging and ultra-glossy oils for an intense black. Its fine elastomer brush weaves in to easily catch and precisely coat lashes one by one – even the shortest and those at the very corners of the eye – to offer sensational curve. Lashes are coated and sculpted to perfection, with no risk of excess. Stunning captivating volume, magnetic black.

Guerlain cils d’enfer maxi lash volume mascara is my biggest and most positive surprise so far this year! I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with you. Just to be clear I haven’t purchased the full size so you won’t see nice photos of the beautiful packaging but I made sure to include photos of the brush. I received 4 mini samples of this mascara which is enough for one month of use. It didn’t take me that long to fall in love with this mascara – it was love at first try!
Guerlain is really not known for their mascaras – yes for their bronzers and meteorites but mascaras aren’t their strongest side. I am so happy to say this might be one of the best if not THE BEST mascara on the market for ridiculous volume and lift.
The brush is actually long and thing comb with tiny plastic bristles that are very soft (unlike Benefit they are real for example) and they grab on to every single tiny lash you have. What I like about the wand is that is very flexible. It is not stiff sturdy plastic.
Formula is very creamy but not clumpy and goes on nicely and evenly on each lash. When it dries it doesn’t make lashes stiff but instead it leaves them soft and flexible. I also like the fact that it is intense deep black color. I would suggest curling your lashes before applying this mascara in case you are used to do it after – since the formula leaves them so soft curling after might clump them together. Most of the time volumizing mascaras might weigh lashes down and do not provide any lift or curl but this one is truly give outstanding results in both. I would apply one coat and follow with second couple of minutes later – maybe not even all over the lashes but on some spots where I felt I needed a bit more volume. But first coat gives enough curl and lift and the second might just help a bit with the volume.
I didn’t experience any flaking or smudging during the wear which is very important for me. No matter what kind of effect mascara gives if I look like raccoon in couple of hours it’s immediate no go for me.
Removal was easy without a hassle with my standard dual phase eye makeup remover.
And I have to mention the scent too – it is beautiful soft floral. I can smell it during the application but fades away in couple of minutes. This is Guerlain’s official description :
Maxi Lash So Volume is delicately scented with a fragrance with floral notes. The first peach note blended with an accord of vegetal notes is fresh and sparkling. The rose, raspberry and jasmine heart is enriched with a powdery base of balsamic, benzoin and white musk.
It is impressive to see how much work Guerlain has put into every single detail.
…and Voila!
guerlain maxi lash mascara

Guerlain Cils d’enfer so volume retails for 30$ (which is about the same price range as any other luxury mascara on the market) and is available at Sephora, Nordstrom and other fine retailers.

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