Guerlain Météorites Perles d’Etoile Holiday 2014

The subtle pearly finish of the 6 Meteorites shades, ranging from matte beige to iridescent pink, veil the complexion in a luminous radiance. The holiday edition reimagines this cult-classic product in an all gold design, featuring the famous Coque d’Or red bow and a matching red powder puff.

Guerlain Meteorites perles is by far my all time favorite makeup item. When I saw holiday ones I wrote them off for being too dark by having too many red and dark brown perles. Let me put it this way – promotional image is very misleading and many photos and swatches out there too.

Guerlain did such a great job with dressing up these limited edition perles in festive golden packaging and red interior with a soft red puff. I love the bow details too!
The perles mostly consist of light beige , medium bage, silver and light golden perles, light pink and couple of the red ones that you can’t even see in my photos because thankfully I got just few of them. 
I always use all of my Perles all over the face and maybe they look to similar in the pan they do give slightly different effects. I love how they smooth the skin, even out all the colors that you apply before and give nice healthy looking glow to the skin. Perles d’etoile are perfect for giving warm glow with subtle golden shimmer. If you suffer from pale dull skin like me especially in the winter time these will give you just a hint of bronze, sun kissed skin. Note that this is not a bronzer and does not deposit that amount of color. This will work great on very light to medium skin tones that lean more warm as well on darker skin tones as a subtle highlight. 

Would this work on lighter cool tone skin? I am not sure. I suggest trying it first before buying.

I had couple of perles crushed on the bottom unfortunately but that gave me an opportunity to show you pretty acquarate swatch of all the colors mixed nicely together. First photo is lightly dusted with a brush while second photo is heavy finger swatch .

I enjoy these so much and I am so happy I bough them. I rarely ever buy any back ups of limited edition product but I did order a back up of Perles d’etoile that’s how much I love them. I know I will get a lot of use from these. They retail for 60$ and I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus. 

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