Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-Made Bronzing Powder 02 Naturel-Blondes

As the seasons change from winter through summer, women find that the tone of their complexion and their bronzing needs change as well. From the ultimate authority in bronzing comes Terracotta Four Seasons: a variation in four steps to sculpt your tan all year long. The perfect gradation of caramelized tones, Terracotta Four Seasons features four wonderfully matte shades to blend together to match every desire, skin tone or season for an authentic tan and an incredibly natural result. With endless possibilities for combining and layering, this new powder is essential to sculpt the complexion and reproduce your dream tan to perfection. Its secret to unprecedented luminosity lies in the formula enriched with pure gold that plays within the four tones for a tan that maintains radiance, no matter what the season.
Winner of Allure magazine’s ‘Best of Beauty’ award for Best Bronzer, 2012.

I remember seeing that promo photo for the shade extension of popular Guerlains 4 Season bronzer I just sat  in front of me computer with my jaw to the floor and could not stop staring at it. Such a beauty!

As soon as it showed up on Nordstrom website I wanted to order it but somehow kept delaying because I could not decide on a color. Naturel blondes? Medium blondes? Or maybe Nude – the one I can tell became super popular overnight. 
I saw this wonderful review and could not resist and got Naturel blondes. I am glad I did because it was just the color of the bronzer I was looking for. It’s hard picking something out just based on the swatches and pictures online, but I am rarely mistaken.

Packaging is similar to Light sheer bronzing powder but has beautiful dark brown satin pouch. Also it is slightly bigger but much heavier. It has magnetic closure (old light sheer bronzing powders do not).
Guerlain really makes masterpieces of their packaging. They are joy just to look at. It is extremely luxurious. 

Bronzer has 10 gr and I wish for the price they might made it slightly bigger, let’s say 15 gr (like Chanel summer bronzers)  but the quality you are getting might justify the price tag. (yes my wallet is still crying after this one).
Texture of this bronzer is something that you really need to see and feel on your skin. Simply put – PERFECTION. Smooth like a silk, blends like a dream, no patchiness, no dirty bronzed look… In my swatch it looks slightly orange but in real and when applied on skin it look straight light brownish.
This is such a fool proof product. Amazing for beginners and if you need only one bronzer in your stash I believe this is the one (well maybe besides NARS Laguna) you should go with.  I applied it by mixing all three matte shades together and then adding forth shimmery shade little bit on top of cheekbones for the shine. To be honest I wish all four shades are matte. I have plenty of shimmery bronzers and I wanted something completely matte. Anyway I still like it.
You can customize the color by using bottom two darker shades to contour and top two shades to give you a bronzey glow. Any way you use it  your skin will have this subtle healthy glow (or JLo glow lol) – not shimmer or glitter.
Powder is heavily scented just like any other Guerlain product. It does not bother me since the scent fades away pretty fast.
I had to take this many pictures because I can’t stop looking at this beauty.
From this range I would also love to try 00 Nudes.

All four shades swatched separately. You can’t see much of a difference in color except that the last one has some shimmer. Mind that these are heavy swatches
Overall I had really high expectations from this product. First of all it’s Guerlain and if they are famous for something it’s their Terracotta range and second of course the price. Well Guerlain definitely did not fail on this one and I am highly impressed .
It would look great on light to medium skin tones. For very light ones I guess Nude would work better. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to compare it to Medium blondes. 

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