Guerlain Terracotta Light sheer bronzing powder Sun blondes 04

I have previously reviewed Light sheer bronzing powders in Blondes and Brunettes here.
Just recently I got one in Sun blondes also. First time I swatched it seemed too dark and shimmery but I wanted to give it another shot. 
First thing I noticed is that is way more pigmented than the Blondes and Brunettes (original versions in 01 and 02) and that the powder is softer. Just a little touch with the brush is enough to pick up a product so definitely requires more careful application than the other two.

I do not know if Blondes and Brunettes that are re-promoted with different numbering in 02 and 03 are softer and more pigmented than the original ones. 

Sun blondes is mixture of bronze and pinkish shades. All of them are shimmery.
This would not work as all over bronzer, more of a bronzer-blush kind of a product (at least for a lighter skin tones). Even though it looks very dark and orange in swatches it actually looks natural when applied with brush. It is supposed to be used at the end of the summer when you already have natural tan just to enhance it.
Packaging is almost the same as the old one except it has Terracotta engraved in plastic on top lid. Also it looks slightly bigger than the old one. At least the outside plastic part.
Product has 10 gr which I think is decent amount of product for the price. 
It has well known scent that all the Guerlain products have, but evaporates soon after application. I know some women are sensitive to highly scented french products and their skin gets irritated. 

Sun blondes on NC20 skin : Right -very heavy finger swatch, Left- light finger swatch
Comparison with Light sheer bronzing powder in Blondes
 Comparison with Light sheer bronzing powders in Blondes and Brunettes
L-R : Brunettes, Blondes, Sun blondes
On Nordstrom website I found this helpful guide on how to apply Guerlain bronzers:

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