Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer – Luminous bronze light

An illuminating bronzer with Photoluminescent Technology, featuring bronze pigments that deliver a natural-looking, sunkissed glow while flaunting depth and dimension. 
Ambient Bronzer’s sheer, airy formula sweeps softly onto skin for a healthy-looking, radiant finish. It’s formulated with Photoluminescent Technology, featuring optically transparent particles that transform the look of skin by manipulating and refracting light to emphasize your best features. The optically transparent particles allow for seamless blending and color transitions. The powders, blended by hand using an advanced miscelare technique, offer the perfect balance of pigments in a gorgeous pattern. Use this bronzer alone, or paired with Ambient Lighting Powder for maximum control to create depth and dimension—or even use it for a subtle contouring effect. 
Luminous Bronze Light – a medium tan shade fused with Luminous Light, a champagne pearl powder, for a softer, candlelit warmth. Ideal for fair/light complexions.
My newest addition to my ever growing bronzer collection (I am scared to count how many of them I actually have) is Hourglass Luminous bronze light. I am not huge fan of Hourglass. Yes I like some of their products but I am not crazy impressed with them. Getting into bronzer game in beauty market is not easy at all – just think of some bronzer giants out there like Guerlain with their Terracotta range. Since I have so many of them and I love them and use them regularly something new has to be extra good or as good or even better than what I already have.
. I do like it and use it often. For me it’s too subtle as a highlighter and I wear it on days when I go lighter with makeup. Hourglass does really create your skin but better, almost like a perfect canvas. I do applaud them for that. My favorite combo is Dim light all over the face, Radiant as a cheek color (instead of a bronzer or a blush) and Luminous light as a highlighter.
The idea of the bronzer already infused with Luminous light sounded good and I got sucked in into all this hype (I admit).  In the photos and when you look at the product in the pan it appears more neutral than it actually is. It turns warmer on skin. Maybe it depends on the skin tone but since my natural skin tone is already warm (pretty yellow) that might contribute to this bronzer turning more “orange”. I honestly do like orange bronzers and I love when they are warm since it gives the most natural suntanned look.
It is much more pigmented than I expected and I slightly overdid it first time applied it thinking it’s more sheer like their ambient powders. Go with the light hand. For my taste it wasn’t glowy enough and I did add some more Luminous light on top. It looked beautifully natural, glowy, and just melted into the skin. Blending was easy and went on effortlessly. I had no issues with fading.
It comes in the same old cheapy plastic Hourglass signature packaging.  It retails for 50$ which I do believe is overpriced. 40-45$ price range might have been more realistic for Hourglass. Pricing brand new item on the market in the same prince range as Terracotta is kind of surprising.
It is a very nice item and I will get a lot of use from it. Is it something spectacular mind blowing? Not really. It is good. If someone has no bronzers and wants just one I would say go for it. If you already have gazillion like I do it can be an easy skip.

As you can see it does have light bronze-golden tiny shimmer- slightly warmer tone. This is heavy swatch that I made swirling with my fingers across the whole pan to get all the tones mixed.

When swatched heavily on the skin it already appears a bit more warmer.
Comparison swatch  L- R : Luminous bronzer, Dim light, Radiant light, Luminous light.
I tried to find the most similar bronzers in my stash for comparison. Laguna has finer shimmer and is more straight brown. Armani is also more brown and more matte. Luminous bronzer looks lighter, slightly more orange and has more noticeable shimmer. Also note that it has sheerer texture, more airy than any other bronzer I have tried / owned.
Hourglas Ambient lighting bronzer retails for 50$ and I purchased mine at Sephora. It is also available at Nordstrom.

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