Introducing Commodity – the future of fine fragrance


At Commodity, passionate artisans and accomplished entrepreneurs come together on equal ground to create and innovate premium lifestyle offerings. The result: fragrance, body and home experiences that give you room to express yourself and enhance the way you live.

In 2014, London-based entrepreneurs Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub established Commodity as an international lifestyle brand that serves as a platform for artisans to co-inspire and create their best work. Today, Commodity’s unisex and cruelty-free fine fragrance, body and home collections are available in over 30 countries through prestige retailers and direct e-commerce.

Since its launch Commodity took Sephora by storm  – their introductory sets always sell out fast. I was introduced to a brand about a year and a half ago. I loved the idea of gender neutral fragrances that give you the opportunity to also layer them and create your own personal scent. Another added benefit is that all of the Commodity products are cruelty free.

Commodity line is separated in two :

Black collection – dark, complex, mysterious

White collection – bright, fresh, uplifting

My favorite from these two lines is Mimosa  – inspired by a decadent brunch on a warm Sunday morning. Mimosa is a fresh and citrusy scent that is loved by both men and women. A vibrant marriage of bubbly champagne and sweet mandarin, the scent evokes the best part of a luxurious Sunday brunch. It is light, airy and so easy, effortless to wear.


Commodity bath bars (24$)


Commodity believes fragrance is an extension of ourselves. It is what you wear when you want to express your story…Each Commodity fragrance uses nature’s finest ingredients from around the world. Renowned master perfumers created these simplistic yet luxurious scents. The first collection I have tried from Commodity is their Platinum Collection that follows in the same Commodity spirit; elegant, yet intriguing… subtle, yet evocative.  Part of the collection is 5 new scents – Bergamot , Orris, Vetiver, Leather and Tonka. My favorite from the Platinum collection is Bergamot  – an energizing gender-neutral blend of bright, green notes and stark, bracing citrus is fresh, yet sophisticated. Precious woods and amber hues support the composition’s citrus signature, while Amyris Oil from the Dominican Republic imparts a creamy, final effect.

It is wonderful to see Commodity’s expansion – whole Platinum collection includes travel size sprays, candles and bath bars. All of the bath bars are beautifully scented and hydrating while Bergamot also offers exfoliation – LOVE IT!! Bergamot exfoliating bath bar is a luxurious, triple milled vegetable based formula crafted in partnership with expert soap artisans. The formula is enriched with shea butter, tea tree oil and oatmeal to nourish, cleanse and smooth the skin.


Scent wardrobe Platinum (95$)



Besides expanding their home and bath lines Commodity recently introduced two new scents – Commodity Velvet as a part of the Black and Commodity Nectar as a part of the White line.  I can not wait to try Nectar – it sounds so delicious and perfect for warm weather.

Commodity Nectar – Inspired by crisp, sparkling citrus fruits and freshly-picked neroli blossoms, this fragrance is luminous and vibrant. Juicy fruits of pomelo and tangerine are blended with bitter neroli and floral honeysuckle for a bright, zesty effect.

“For Commodity Nectar, I was inspired by the luminous beauty of neroli that captures an elegant radiance and refreshing zest of the bitter orange tree. Highly scented, the freshly-picked petals are so sweet and sparkling. I wanted to evoke a paradise of sunlit citrus, further touched by the breezy white floral notes of orange blossom to create a tantalizing, distinctive aroma of vibrancy.” – Mathieu Nardin, Master Perfumer

Juicy Pomelo, Italian Tangerine, Bergamot
Neroli, Honeysuckle, Cedarwood
Orange Blossom, Liquid Musk, Vetiver


105$ / 3 .4 oz

Commodity Velvet – Mysterious and elegant, this woody oriental blend of roasted almond, rose petals and black amber evokes the pure indulgence of a soft texture meeting bare skin.

“I love working with rose. It is simultaneously dewy fresh and petally soft. For Commodity Velvet, I was inspired by the image of vibrant pink Turkish Rose Petals floating gently over a mysterious, dark background of richly warm vanilla and black amber with a delicious touch of roasted almond drifting in the air.” – Jerome Epinette, Master Perfumer

Roasted Almonds, Clove Buds, Coconut Water
Heliotropine, Vanilla Flower, Velvet Rose Petals
Blonde Woods, White Birch, Black Amber

105$ / 3.4 oz



Commodity line is available at Sephora and

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