Introducing FRÉ Skincare- specially formulated for women who workout


Innovated by an expert in dermatology and herbal research, Dr Sharon Rozenblat, FRÉ Skincare products are the solution to treating sweat rash and other skin problems such as bumps, blisters, pimples, spots, and sores. Packed with antioxidants and Argania Active Complex© ingredients. FRÉ Skincare protects skin during and after workout. Restore your face to beauty with 123FRÉ “Protect Me”, “Purify Me” and “Revive Me” skin care products.

High-impact workouts combined with environmental factors can cause facial skin damage & premature aging. Women who exercise strenuously have specific facial care needs, requiring special formulas and textures. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, athletes are at an increased risk of skin cancer due to the combination of sweat that increases the photosensitivity of skin and over-exposure to the sun.

With its breakthrough natural Argania Active Complex, a unique blend of organic Argan oil and Argan leaf water extract, enriched with Argan stem cells, FRÉ specializes in combatting workout-induced skin damage and the signs of aging accelerated by the combination of sweat, intense exercise, sun, pollution, and other environmental factors.

I was impressed by FRE’s idea and innovation – targeting this specific issue is definitely new and unique on the beauty market. And making it into 3 step system makes it easy to use.



123FRÉ SKINCARE SET consist of :

Purify Me is a hydrating facial cleanser that soothes, de-stresses, hydrates and rebalances skin pH, post-workout. I love how gentle the cleanser is but was able to thoroughly clean skin, decongest the pores, gets rid of sweat and any product applied before the workout. My main issue related to exercise is excessive sweating on my face – and it sadly turns into breakouts so I have to make sure that cleanser is efficient enough post workout.

Protect Me is an ultra-light SPF30 moisturizer. It is water-resistant, won’t clog pores and won’t sting eyes when you sweat. I usually workout indoors and only time when I do play tennis outdoors is during summer when I need high SPF to protect my skin. Anything I Have tried so far would eventually come off with sweat and run into my eyes – if you have ever experienced this you know it’s not fun. I am glad to see that FRE created SPF that is resistant and won’t run into the eyes while providing enough protection. It has very lightweight texture and absorbs instantly and does not leave white residue.

Revive Me is a specialized anti-aging serum that regenerates collagen and skin elasticity. I must admit this is my favorite out of the 3 products in this set. I used it not just post workout but I also added it to my regular AM/PM routine. It has lightweight texture but leaves skin so nicely moisturized and feeling silky to touch.

FRÉ products are suited for all skin types, not tested on animals, vegan and free from Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, DEA, Petrolatum, PEG and Propylene Glycol.



As part of the brand’s social responsibility, for every FRE123 set sold, an Argan tree will be planted in the Maroccan and Israeli desert in order to give back to the communities growing Argan trees and to fight deforestation of these areas. How awesome is this??



Buy the 123FRÉ facial resilience skincare set ($115) or each product individually at


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