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Today many women are concerned about the types of products they use, where the ingredients come from, and if they are truly “good”
for them. Until recently, the search for high- performing natural products has proven to be difficult because organic ingredients are not always the most efficacious. Now, Kérastase Paris fuses nature with science and innovation to deliver a natural, yet powerful, new haircare regimen. For Kérastase, true luxury means never having to compromise. For the first time, the brand introduces a custom-created haircare range for women
seeking both high performance and natural ingredients without sacrificing the luxury experience. Kérastase has pushed the limits of luxury and science to invent an all-new vision of natural haircare “from the ground up” – introducing new Aura Botanica.

With the creation of Aura Botanica, Kérastase was committed to searching for the finest natural ingredients while supporting the wellbeing of the many women for whom these precious materials are a source of life. Each product in the Aura Botanica range contains 96% natural origin, responsibly sourced coconut and argan oils. More than natural ingredients, these oils reflect the story of whole communities working to improve their lives. Kérastase Advanced Research teams were mobilized to create an entirely new formula in order to truly elevate natural haircare and reconcile performance with products that are good for your hair, good for the planet, and enjoyable to use.



1. Handpicked, Responsibly Sourced Samoa Coconut Oil

Coconut Palms are known as the “tree of life” in Samoa and the oil pressed from it is used to heal and protect. This oil is rich in lauric acid, a
linear lipid so small it can penetrate deep within the hair shaft. It delivers invisible, long-lasting hydration, protection, suppleness and strength. The NGO Women in Business Development (WIBDI) works to ensure that Samoans can continue to live side-by-side with this majestic tree. The
cooperative of over 200 farmers supplies local women with the equipment and knowledge to produce high-grade organic coconut oil. Bringing fair trade revenue to the nation’s indigenous communities helps preserve their unique culture and also contributes to aiding Samoa in reaching its
goal of becoming an “organic island.” It takes just ten coconuts to produce one liter of virgin oil. The flesh is delicately heated on drying beds before being cold-pressed and filtered. Everything is doneby hand to preserve purity.


2. Handpicked, Responsibly Sourced Moroccan Argan Oil

Only in the foothills of the Little Atlas Mountains can you still find argan trees growing in the wild. A true miracle of nature, argan trees can survive droughts and arid winds to live up to 200 years. For centuries, argan oil has been prized in beauty rituals for its hydrating and replenishing qualities. Today, it is also used to empower women. Targanine is a community project helping local Berber women to provide for their families. Targanine perpetuates the traditions of village life while helping to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the argan forest, which is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The best nuts are pressed to extract the EcoCert certified oil which has a natural affinity for the hair. Its lasting nutrition comes from high concentrations of Omega 6 and 9, nourishing dry hair as it adds softness and shine.



Soothing and invigorating, Aura Botanica’s unique scent features a velvety, woody floral accord and was developed in collaboration with the perfumers at MANE. A blend of noble raw materials, essential oils, resinoids and natural extracts, each ingredient was chosen for its aromatherapy properties and biodegradability. Top notes feature citrus zests and freshly crushed mint leaves. Immediately energizing, the mood mellows to reveal a heart of spicy coriander seeds and sparkling pink pepper, enveloped in the purity of white jasmine petals. Base notes caress with warm amber woods, subtly blended with Indonesian patchouli leaves and vanilla pods.




Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire ($43)


Benefits: Kérastase revolutionizes natural cleansing with a light, airy lather. The gentle yet effective formula removes all impurities using coconut as the surfactant instead of harsh detergents. Natural micelles cling to dirt and impurities, removing them efficiently to deliver “squeaky clean” hair with a shiny, nude touch. No added weight, no coating, no oiliness.

In the same way that micelles in micellar water attract dirt, oil and impurities away from the skin to leave you with a clean and clear complexion, micellar technology in haircare works in exactly the same way. It clings to every element that could cause dulling, flat and oily hair, to leave you with clean and revitalised locks.  I loved how Bain Micellaire can deeply clean but at the same time not dry my hair out. Any other sulfate free shampoo I have tried before would leave my hair feeling like a dry straw. Aura botanica bain micellaire does leather up as opposed to other shampoos that are sulfate free. (which was one of the main complaints from users that they do not feel like hair is being really cleansed if there is no leather) Instead off using synthetic surfectants such as SLS, Kérastase has taken derivatives from Coconut and Sugar Cane to remove dirt and oil from the hair, and gives you the same foam and lathering feeling you would get from your normal shampoo.


Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental ($45)


Benefits: This lightweight, creamy conditioner melts into the hair fiber for 48 hours of deep, durable nutrition and frizz control. Detangling, even without silicones, is easy thanks to a high concentration of natural oils – coconut, argan and sweet orange.

Aura botanica soin fundamental is extremely lightweight hydrating treatment that would be perfect for someone with normal hair or even with oilier roots since it does great job hydrating, giving shine but doesn’t way hair down. Great for someone who works out or swims often and needs something gentle yet effective for hair. If you hair is extremely dry and damaged this would not be enough on it’s own – either pairing it with another more hydrating/repairing line or adding pre -shampoo treatment.



Aura Botanica Concentré Essentiel ($58)


Benefits: This multipurpose hair oil packs an almost pure boost of nourishment. Renewable avocado oil, rich in Omegas 6 and 9, adds softness and shine to hair, along with jojoba oil. Sweet orange essential oil creates a gentle perfume, and rosemary extract helps preserve the oils.

Extremely concentrated oil is a true multi tasker –  I love to use it for scalp massage and leave it on before I shampoo my hair. You can even use it on your dry hands and cuticles. It can be left overnight as deep hydrating treatment. If you want to make Soin fundamental richer you can add couple of drops of Concentrate essentiel to it.  Warning – this is not to be left on hair after cleansing and while blowdrying – it has to be rinsed out (trust me I learned the hard way). It has beautiful scent and just a drop goes a long way. This is my favorite from the line because I can see the difference when I use it – my hair is so much shinier, feels smooth and silky.



Aura Botanica Essence d’Éclat ($43)


Benefits: This lightweight, ultra-fine bi-phase mist nourishes hair for 48 hours while offering 72 hours of frizz control. The first phase of the formula is composed of four highly nutritious oils, jojoba, avocado, coconut and argan, and for the senses, a touch of sweet orange essential oil. The second, aqueous phase is subtly scented with Damask rose flower water. You can use the Essence d’eclat oil in a number of ways to achieve gorgeously soft and radiant hair. You can spritz it onto the ends of your hair before blow or air drying to keep your hair protected against heat and damage, or you can use it throughout the day when you feel your hair needs a little energy boost. Make sure you shake up the mist to make sure both formulas combine and your hair reaps the full benefits.



I have been using Kerastase for the past 3 years and one of the main reason for that because it is extremely effective and delivers results. Until now natural products would offer healthier ingredients but would lack on effectiveness. Kerastase Aura Botanica is a true game changer when it comes to natural hair care – you get the best out of nature and you get the results. My hair is very long, thin and tangles terribly. Also I have been higlighting it for the past 15 years so I have to make sure that it gets enough hydration and repair to help with the damage. After going through the whole regime and blow dry I couldn’t believe how soft and clean my hair felt. The texture was silky and smooth and overall completely weightless.



The whole Aura Botanica range can be found on KERASTASE WEBSITE

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