Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day

There is nothing nice about dry, cracked, chapped lips… they look and feel awful and especially if you want to wear lip color or simply want nice healthy looking lips (that are kissable too!). I have been suffering from extremely dry lips since I can remember and I have tried everything and anything out there – from super cheap drugstore lip balms to some very expensive ones here is my round up of the ones that actually worked and helped.  Orlane might be my favorite so far and it is the most expensive one (45$), MAC I have repurchased the most, Votre vu has the most innovative idea of having lip balm and hand cream in one , LUSH ones really work and are affordable but they have annoying packaging and it is hard to get the product out, Givenchy has absolutely stunning packaging and gives just a hint of color.. there are still some products out there that I have not tried – Sisley, By terry rose baume, Chanel lip balm for the simple reason of not wanting to spend 50+ dollars for a lip balm.


Orlane Baume magnifique levres  (45$ at Neiman Marcus) – A glamorous and high-tech lip balm that is a highly effective moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and protecting balm for this delicate area.

Contains micronized hyaluronic acid which dramatically re-hydrates and plumps-up lips. Its “dressing-like” texture creates an impermeable and anti-dehydrating film, which promotes lip repair. Its ultra sensory, slightly pinkish, delicately scented formula combines pleasure and beauty. Brings immediate comfort to the lip area, protects against dehydration, and stimulates production of collagen. Smoothed, repaired and filled, your lips are fully enhanced.


Votre Vu Duette (36$ at – If one is good, two is better…A Duette sung in perfect harmony. Beautifully moisturized hands always rate in the Top 10 on the charts and Lovely Lips sing sweetly in every language. A clever little pair to keep everywhere – in fact you may want more than one!

This nourishing lip balm made from coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax gently protects, nourishes and softens lips in every condition. A deliciously light and natural coconut flavor delivers a guiltless treat to your mouth with every application. Intensively nourishing, your lips will become supple and shiny again. This formula is worth its weight in gold! Topped with UV filters to add extra protection to your luxe lips, you can indulge in dessert as often as you wish.


Superlips, the Guerlain lip hero. Incredibly rich and hydrating, with grapeseed extract, for soft, smooth, plumped lips in one step. Instantly put a smile back on your face at any time of day. Apply Superlips as a mask as soon as the need is felt, at any time of the day, after the morning rituals or evening routines, to penetrate during the night. For natural beauty treatment, apply Superlips and gently nibble your lips between your teeth to revive their color.


Beurre de lèvres is Biotherm‘s hydrating and smoothing lip balm. The soft butter-like texture nurtures and hydrates to leave skin plumped with moisture and lips feeling smoother. Contains 5 vegetable oils of natural origin and acacia honey.

MAC cosmetics Lip conditioner in a tube – An emollient-based balm that conditions lips, locks in moisture and gives a soft shine. Nice tube packaging, great for on the go, decent amount of anti oxidants and highly moisturizing.

LUSH Honey trap Smooth on our delicious honey, white chocolate and vanilla lip balm and you’ll see why Honey Trap has captured the hearts of Lushies for years. A collection of deeply moisturizing ingredients like beeswax, fair trade shea butter, almond oil and organic wheatgerm oil work protect your pout while a gentle pepperminty tingle provides a subtle pick-me-up. Keep this one on hand for a serious dose of moisture or sweetness whenever you need it.


Clarins Instant light lip comfort oil – It nourishes, hydrates and soothes the natural way, with oils of mirabelle plum, jojoba and hazelnut for lips that look naturally shiny and appear fuller. Its innovative gel texture hugs your lips in shades that are as brilliant as the formula. This product was the biggest sell out worldwide in Clarins history. It sold out in a day worldwide when it was first launched (initially as limited edition).


Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Beautifying Lip Balm–  the ideal three-in-one balm to create lovely, glowy lips. Lips appear suppler, softer, and fuller upon application, and their natural color is subtly heightened—it’s the perfect nude. This balm naturally reacts with the Ph of your skin and provides an easy-to-wear beauty ally that gives your look the finishing touch. The balm comes encased in a gorgeous light pink genuine leather sheath, making it the perfect beauty accessory.


I recently discovered another amazing product that has proven to be super helpful and efficient during winter months – Aubio hydrating lip balm. I have the driest lips in the world  and this little gem has helped me a lot! It is hydrating botanical formula that contains skin lipids for intense moisturizing. I love that it stays on really well so i don’t have to reapply often. You can get it at target for 9.99$. It has rich emollient texture and smells divine!




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