Lancome Bienfait Aqua Vital Cream Review

Infused with moisture, your skin will glow with vibrant health.

Containing a unique moisture complex of 16 essential elements found in young skin at its very best, this formula is an ultra-charged drink for your skin.

Absorbed instantly, Bienfait Aqua Vital continuously infuses ideal hydration for 24 hours.

A surprisingly fresh, oil-free gel-cream texture: as comfortable as a cream, as lightweight as water. Your skin is instantly refreshed and makeup ready.

Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist-tested for safety.

I have been using Clinique Moisture Surge as my day cream for past 4  years and I felt my skin needed a change. Also being involved in beauty industry makes me always look for something new, something better, more efficient, with new and improved ingredients etc… I came across Bienfait Aqua vital while still working as MUA/SA and trying to get to know Lancome’s skincare better. At first I was drawn by beautiful luxurious packaging. I have to admit I never paid attention to Bienfait line before. Well I was ready to fix that! From the first time I tried this moisturizer I fell in love. It has silky and lightweight texture that absorbs instantly leaving skin radiant. It is not like gel moisturizers, it’s texture is creamy but absorbs and feels lightweight just like gel ones. It has a blue color and light fresh scent – it’s not usual heavy floral overwhelming French cosmetic scent. So If you are sensitive to fragrance in skincare products I don’t think this one will bother you, it’s that light.

Bienfait aqua vital would be a great choice for normal skin types year around. For combination skin for winter months while in summer they can switch to Bienfait aqua lotion that has even lighter texture. Dry skin types would benefit from it during hot summer months but might feel it’s not enough for cold winters. My skin is normal with dry areas that get even dryer during harsh Chicago winter and I need all the moisture I can get.        I love pairing Aqua vital with Bienfait multi vital night – it’s thicker and rich version that nourishes the skin during the night (we’ll be reviewing this one too soon!).

One of the best things about Bienfait Aqua vital cream is how well it works as makeup base. I am not talking about your makeup primer but skincare that you use prior applying makeup. Since it absorbs so quickly and does not leave any sticky feeling plus it leaves skin so radiant I can highly recommend it as day cream for ladies who wear face makeup (foundation, powder etc…). It will create perfect base for any makeup you use.

Also I have to mention it is oil free, if that’s your concern. It does not have SPF which some might find a problem but for me it’s a plus. I already have different face cream with SPF that I specifically use if I know I will be exposed to sun. It bothers me that lately it’s almost impossible finding day cream without a SPF.

Bienfait Aqua vital cream is like a glass of water for my thirsty skin. Love it and highly recommend it!

Texture up close
Retails for 45$ and can be purchased on Lancome website

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